Services for New Mobility Concepts

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New Mobility Toolbox

  • You focus on new mobility concepts?
  • You produce electric vehicles?
  • You convert old vehicles to electric drive?
  • Sustainability is important to you?
  • Effective use of resources comes first?

Whether it is infrastructure, service or logistics - new mobility concepts also involve challenges. The New Mobility Toolbox provides the aftermarket solution for the success of future mobility.

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Sales Services

  • You need a sales network?
  • You need assistance with vehicle delivery?
  • You want an infrastructure for a reliable customer service?

Vehicle delivery and customer service are demanding and labor intensive. The Sales Services of ZF Aftermarket provide support in all phases of vehicle delivery.

The New Mobility Toolbox and Sales Services

With the New Mobility Toolbox and Sales Services, ZF Aftermarket offers innovative solutions for the success of future mobility concepts. Whether it is maintenance, logistics, warranty or handling the delivery to the customer - ZF Aftermarket is your reliable partner.

For the Success of New Mobility Concepts


The New Mobility Toolbox offers a broad service portfolio for the aftermarket sector, with modular services that can be adapted to your vehicles. The New Mobility Toolbox can be put together individually from the following components:

Smooth Vehicle Delivery

sales services

Sales Services - tailored to your needs

The modules of the New Mobility Toolbox can be supplemented by ZF Aftermarket Sales Services. The Sales Services realize all phases of the vehicle delivery and ensure a smooth process:

  • Intermediate loading
  • Ready to run
  • Instruction of the customer
  • Registration service
  • Shuttle service

Do you have further questions about our service portfolio?

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If you want to know more about the components of the New Mobility Toolbox, the possible combinations and prices, please contact us.

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