ZF Aftermarket product portfolio

TRW drum brake products put safety first through unmatched quality. That means quality of design, manufacture and materials, down to the tiniest detail. From brake drums and wheel cylinders to brake shoes and time-saving fitting kits, we always match Original Equipment (OE) Manufacturer standards, through precision engineering and the toughest testing.

The TRW product portfolio

TRW brake drum and actuation

Brake drums

ZF Aftermarket brake drums provide the levels of performance and durability demanded by automotive manufacturers, industry professionals and customers in their millions: it’s no surprise that our brake drums cover 46.6% of the European vehicle parc. With 350 references and multiple times the amount of models featuring integrated bearings and bi-metallic construction, we’re the definitive brake drum specialist to provide great part quality for your customer.

Our brake drum range, which includes over 61 brake drums with integrated bearings and the choice of 15 bi-metallic brake drums, delivers some excellent performance characteristics and features. Powerful stopping capability, high torque capacity and consistent responses even under extreme load are just some of the strengths we’ve engineered in.

With TRW brake drums, we can offer you:

  • The number two brake drum brand in terms of TecDoc application coverage
  • A range featuring 61 brake drums with integrated bearings, making your fit simple and accurate
  • 15 bi-metallic brake drum options so that you can offer improved performance and safety
  • Everything you need in one box – grease, seeger ring, nut and fitting instructions – for a faster fit
  • Drum brakes made using the Simplex design for quality and quiet operation

Across the world you’ll find millions of TRW Aftermarket Brake Drums fitted to all kinds of vehicle makes and models. The fact that they largely go unnoticed by those who rely on them is testament to the reliable, fuss-free, long life nature of our products. Countless safe journeys are completed every day, everywhere because at TRW we’re passionate about achieving total safety and industry leading quality.

With drum brake technology enjoying something of a revival and 45% of new cars still fitted with them, the demand for fail-safe, high quality replacement parts is set to stay strong for many years to come. The drum brake remains the most cost effective solution for rear braking in most cars and we’ll continue to lead the Original Equipment (OE) market – trusted by leading manufacturers and automotive industry professionals everywhere.

With over 350 references, our comprehensive and diverse drum brake range covers 46.6% of the European vehicle parc, so it’s not surprising that TRW brake drums are number two for TecDoc application coverage. Naturally, every product is manufactured to our OE specification, and as ever, everything you need to complete the job safely and swiftly is in the box.

You’ll also find that each brake drum is clearly marked with a traceability code, maximum diameter and date. And to offer the best solution for you, your customer and the environment, our drum brake range is also chrome 6-free.

The TRW range includes 61 brake drums with integrated bearings. This gives you a number of key benefits including:

  • Integrated bearings to ensure perfectly accurate fitment every time, maximising safety.
  • An integrated bearing design that’s simpler and quicker to fit in the workshop.

There’s also a choice of 15 bi-metallic brake drums made with steel and cast iron. With these parts, performance and safety, especially in challenging conditions, is exceptional.

  • The bi-metallic construction prevents expansion when high temperatures are generated during braking.
  • The spheroidal cast iron used needs less material than ordinary cast iron to withstand heavy braking loads. This material also prevents ‘twist off’ during heavy braking, transforming safety in challenging conditions.
  • During the melting process, graphite is treated with magnesium to form a sphere with high tensile strength like steel.

TRW drum brakes use the trusted and durable Simplex design. For quality, quiet operation, and of course warranty cover, they lead the market. Made at our Original Equipment Pontypool plant, TRW drum brakes have some serious global customers. Ford fit them to both Focus and Fiesta models.

TRW brake shoes

Brake shoes

Use our unparalleled knowledge, technical expertise and experience in vehicle safety systems to serve your customers with the best possible brake shoe solutions. We make sure that every braking component - big or small - is guaranteed to perform exceptionally, long term. We make and supply a huge number of black painted brake shoes, fitting kits and accessories. In fact, we have the biggest range coverage in the whole of Europe, so you can serve the maximum number of vehicles. And you can rest assured that the TRW black painted brake shoes you fit will work effectively, quietly and above all, safely.

With TRW Aftermarket black painted brake shoes, we can guarantee:

  • Environmentally friendly chrome 6-free production, using no heavy metals, asbestos
  • The very best coverage in Europe, with over 420 brake shoe references covering multiple times the amount of vehicle applications
  • A comprehensive range of over 300 shoe fitting kits so you can fit it right every time
  • A perfect match for our Black Painted Disc range
  • All linings approved to TRW Original Equipment specification

Supplying high quality brake shoes for drum brakes is one thing. Making sure that professionals like you or your team can fit them effortlessly and quickly is another. To make sure that fitting replacements is always easy and accurate, we also offer a range of more than 300 Shoe Fitting Kits that all include clear, comprehensive instructions.

TRW Aftermarket Shoe Fitting Kits reduce costs and save time. They do their job without fail, delivering the correct spring tension, quiet braking and balanced brake force. Naturally, they include everything you need to perform a safe and professional job.

Sticker black brake shoes

TRW brake shoes are now coated in a special black paint to match our Black Painted Brake Disc range and manufactured with the same exceptional quality you expect from TRW.

You’ll know the box contains our new black painted brake shoes whenever you see the clearly visible “Painted black” label.

We know that you know your job and do it well, but it’s always good to share the fundamentals of best practice. Here are a few fitting tips when you’re working with brake shoes.

Size matters.
Before fitting new TRW Aftermarket Brake Shoes, always carefully measure the maximum diameter of the brake drum you’re working on. This will be marked on the brake drum itself. Never use drums if they are close to, or over, the maximum diameter.

Under 2mm is too little.
For safety and balance, if you find that any one brake shoe is worn below the 2mm mark then it’s definitely time to fit a complete new axle set.

Backplate inspection.
You will find that some drum brake systems feature an inspection hole in the backplate. This is useful, because it enables you to see whether the brake linings are worn without wasting time removing the brake drum.

The sheer number of TRW Aftermarket brake shoes and brake shoe fitting kits sold across Europe proves that we offer great coverage and quality. We currently have the best vehicle parc coverage in Europe, and can offer you more than 420 references of brake shoes and approximately 300 references for Brake Shoe Fitting Kits.

A part fitted to many Citroen, Peugeot, Renault and Dacia models has sold in excess of 14 million units, whilst a brake shoe fitting kit used on many Volkswagen Group cars has reached nearly 10.5 million sales so far.

TRW brake drum wheel cylinders

Wheel cylinders

TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders are the number one in Europe when it comes to vehicle parc coverage. And with the biggest range of wheel cylinders on the market to help you serve almost any vehicle, we’ll continue to lead the market with a range that provides excellent vehicle coverage and exceptional part quality.

What you get from a TRW wheel cylinder:

  • Original equipment spec rubber seals and dust caps to resist ageing
  • Robust manufacture in cast iron
  • Option to specify lightweight aluminium bodies
  • Anodized pistons to improve strength and durability
  • PCRVi (Pressure Conscious Reducing Valve Integrated) to reduce pressure build up at the rear brake

TRW Aftermarket wheel cylinders are far more resistant to ageing than alternative cylinders because each one is fitted with an original equipment spec rubber seal and dust caps. If you’ve seen them, and used them, you’ll know that the TRW brand on wheel cylinder castings and dust caps has always been a guarantee of premium product quality.

We supply wheel cylinders in lightweight aluminium as well as in cast iron. The automotive world demands lighter components that maximise safety, and that’s why we’ve developed wheel cylinders in lightweight aluminium bodies, because they reduce the weight added to the vehicle while retaining the same reliable performance. We can develop these innovations because we’re a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of safety critical, original equipment quality braking, steering and suspension parts and systems. Investing in the development of lightweight parts that deliver a heavyweight performance delivers better parts for you to fit, and we’ll go on developing parts like this to meet your needs.

A TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinder is an original equipment quality brake part, giving you like-for-like replacement that gives confidence to you and your customer. End users need to know that the invisible safety in their cars works every time. That’s why all TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders are 100% end of line tested to ensure that they conform to our stringent original equipment standards. In fact, we’re so confident of the quality of our wheel cylinders that we offer an additional three-year guarantee in the event of a defect in material or workmanship.

When you choose to buy TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders, you’re selecting from a range with great availability. We have 600+ part numbers in the TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinder catalogue and cover 52% of the European vehicle parc. With more than 600 references, that makes TRW number 1 in TecDoc wheel cylinder parc coverage.

If you’re looking for durability, trust TRW. In a benchmark study testing the durability of our wheel cylinders against two leading competitors, our wheel cylinders came out on top, with a lifespan average of over one million cycles. That’s a rating 16% higher than the nearest competitor. With TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders, you can offer your customers reliable quality, excellent performance, and optimised safety every time.

Our wheel cylinders have also been rigorously tested for contamination and end of line controls. While competitor products were found to exhibit a significant level of contamination of aluminium or steel particles in the sealing area, to have seals fitted the wrong way round, or missing completely, our components came out on top. That’s yet another reason why TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders are reliable, dependant, everyday components that you can fit with confidence.

We’re so confident in the quality and testing of our wheel cylinders that we offer a market-leading 3-year or 60,000-mile (100,000 km) guarantee. We have an outstanding reputation with vehicle manufacturers for our drum brake and actuation products at an OE level, so much so that, at the time of writing, actuation is our biggest area of growth in braking. And our on-going technical advances and business wins at an OE level mean that our aftermarket program benefits from unrivalled technical expertise.

We evaluate every element of the wheel cylinder to maximise safety. We do that through testing. All TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders are 100% end of line tested to ensure that they conform to our stringent original equipment standards. We conduct 100% end of line pneumatic testing with complete accuracy assured by sensors within a resolution of 1,000,000. The test is conducted using the manometric method, which, by employing absolute pressure decrease, is reliable, repetitive and safe.

All rubber components in our wheel cylinders have to fulfil the following OE acceptance criteria:

  • High Tensile and Tear strength
  • Low compression set (20% max)
  • High resistance to ageing in air at high temperature (150 - 200°C)
  • High resistance to brake fluid at high temperature (4 weeks at 150°C)

If a valve fails, and the rear axle locks, drivers may lose control of their vehicle. To prevent this, TRW Aftermarket Wheel Cylinders with PCRVi fulfil the highest technical standard in order to reliably reduce the brake pressure build up at the rear brake.

Some suppliers often provide cylinders that are fitted with cheaper steel pistons that are at risk of corrosion if not surface-treated. TRW Aftermarket’s aluminium wheel cylinders are fitted with aluminium pistons. With housings and pistons that are both anodized, you can offer customers wheel cylinders with both pistons and casings that provide a corrosion resistant and wear-resistant surface.

TRW brake drum kit

Brake kits

We’ve carefully designed and packaged TRW Aftermarket Brake Kits to help you achieve easier, faster and consistently accurate fitting of our industry-leading braking components. We guarantee premium quality and superior performance, where there’s no need to reuse worn or corroded components as you work.

Choosing the TRW Aftermarket Brake Kit offers the following benefits:

  • A 'right first time fit’ every time, with everything you need in a single box
  • The number one Brake Kits in Europe when it comes to application coverage, offering 145 references
  • ECE R90 approved brake shoes, free from heavy metals
  • Three-year or 60,000 mile (100,000km) warranty on all wheel cylinders
  • Dedicated in-house dynamometer testing for your safety

Naturally, each element in the Brake Kit is designed and engineered with meticulous attention to detail. Not only are brake shoes based on Original Equipment specification and the latest engineering developments, but they also have linings approved to TRW Original Equipment levels, are ECE R90 approved, and are free from heavy metals.

Wheel cylinders are fitted with rubber seals and dust caps that meet TRW Original Equipment standards and are prominently branded as an assurance of top quality. They also carry an extended three-year or 60,000 mile (100,000 km) warranty for complete reassurance.

The all-important pull-off springs are made to retain their tension, mile after mile. If tension is allowed to decrease, noise and rattling can develop in the brake drum and braking force can become uneven, compromising both stability and safety. The TRW springs included here in our brake kits provide longer life and reliable tension rates.

We want to make sure you can fit a TRW Brake Kit right the first time and every time. We do this by giving you everything you need in just one box, including:

  • Brake shoes
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Shoe hold down pins
  • Pull-off springs
  • Steady springs

As with all TRW Aftermarket parts, brake kits are tested on the bench, on the track and on the road. And unlike most aftermarket manufacturers, we have our own dedicated in-house dynamometer facilities so that we can test for ourselves, without relying on third party facilities at any stage.

TRW Aftermarket Brake Kits give you quality, safety, cost efficiency and ease of fitting in a single box. You save time and cost because repair times are much lower with TRW Brake Kits. And every TRW Brake Kit is made to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) levels, giving you material quality and reliable performance. The TRW hologram you’ll see on every box is your guarantee of genuine quality because the contents are built and tested to our unmatched standards.

We’ll keep you well served into the future, too. We’ll always aim to be first to market with our range of extensions, delivering cutting edge products year on year. And because the environment is important to all of us our brake linings are heavy metal free, and castings are totally chrome 6-free.

TRW Brake Kits are ECE R90 homologated. We’re proud to comply with the latest European standard regulations for brake components.

TRW brake drum superkit


Millions of drivers rely on correctly fitted, high quality drum brakes to give their cars safety critical stopping power and stability in challenging situations. TRW Superkits are designed and engineered to facilitate the simple, accurate and cost efficient fitment of drum brakes on a huge range of vehicles, with everything needed for a first class job in one box.

The benefits of choosing TRW for Superkits include:

  • 50% shorter repair times to save you time and money
  • A kit that’s been through a thorough testing programme, guaranteed by the TRW hologram
  • TRW Super Incremental Adjuster for automatic maintenance
  • Bi-metallic thermoclip for ideal brake pedal pressure

With technical innovations, clear instructions and proven quality, TRW Superkits give you an aftermarket solution that effortlessly meets Original Equipment standards. We’re one of the world’s leading Original Equipment (OE) brake drum manufacturers, with a wealth of experience and expertise in drum brake technology. For professionals in the aftermarket, this brings many advantages, based on our global proven quality and industry approved intelligent solutions.

They make the maintenance and repair of drum brakes with automatic adjustment faster, simpler and very efficient, and allow the hassle-free fitment of whole groups of components in one go.

Every TRW Superkit is a one-stop solution. It has a single part number, arrives in one box, and allows for one precise, accurate repair that is cost-effective and quick with no need to reuse worn or corroded parts. Inside your TRW Superkit box you’ll find:

  • Two sets of pre-assembled and pre-adjusted brake shoes
  • Two wheel cylinders
  • Two automatic adjusters
  • Retaining springs
  • Securing pins for shoes
  • Correct grease
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions

With TRW you’ll get it right the first time, and every time

The safety critical importance of drum brakes means that there is no room for compromise, with maximum brake performance and stability significantly enhanced by rear axle braking - particularly in emergency situations. In the UK alone, a high volume of vehicles are fitted with drum brakes, so using and fitting the finest is a very important business.

As with other key parts such as rear shock absorbers, when vital elements wear out and lose their effectiveness they should be replaced immediately. Spring tension, for example can decrease by up to 50% in just three years. But research shows that for total safety the combined group of braking components should all be replaced, to avoid imbalance and uneven braking.

TRW Superkits are carefully designed and meticulously engineered to ensure top performance and simple fitment whilst saving you valuable time. Essentially, they work better for everyone.

  • Because Superkits are pre-assembled, repair times can be up to 50% shorter, so they can save you an estimated 30 minutes per job.
  • Every TRW Superkit is manufactured to our world leading OE quality standards.
  • Each includes adjusters, brake shoes, wheel cylinders and all the accessories you need, such as the correct grease, caps and nuts for attachment and assembly. As a complete package it is designed to make your life easier and your work more efficient, especially when repairing French vehicles.
  • Quality is beyond question, with all products made in-house and subjected to 100% end-of-line testing. You can depend on the integrity and reliability of our drum brake Superkits every time.
  • Our reassuringly thorough testing programme is fully documented, approved and guaranteed by the TRW hologram that you’ll find on each Superkit box.

To further enhance our tried and trusted Superkit range, we have developed the ingenious TRW Super Incremental Adjuster. Approved and Homologated by the Federal Motor Transport Authority of Germany, the adjusters automatically maintain the critical clearance between brake shoe and brake drum.

An innovative addition to the Super Incremental Adjuster is the thermoclip, which goes between the push rod and adjuster nut. This bi-metallic component then regulates the distance between brake shoe and brake drum as the brake drum diameter expands with heating during heavy use. By increasing the length of the adjuster unit, the adjuster is prevented from operating until both brake drum and thermoclip have cooled, which prevents blocking. Standard in many OE braking systems, adjusters play an important part in maintaining optimum brake pedal pressure and feel for the driver.

TRW Superkits always include either the Super Incremental Adjuster, or one of our alternative adjuster solutions.

  • They compensate for heat expansion in the brake drum.
  • They are designed to stop over adjustment and shoe seizure.
  • They optimise handbrake performance.
  • The units are greased for a long, fault-free service life.

Every single component and detail in a TRW Superkit is made without compromise. Springs correctly locate the shoe so that there is no contact with the drum, hold the shoe firmly against the backplate and are thoroughly protected against corrosion.

Brake wheel cylinders are made from aluminium or cast iron and prevent hydraulic leaks through high quality and precise manufacturing tolerances. All rubber elements are high specification and easily match OE quality.

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