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Passenger car brakes from ZF Aftermarket are just the kind of top-class products you expect from a market-leading manufacturer with years of experience. Our innovative passenger car brake systems are cutting-edge and subject to high quality standards and demanding high-speed freeway tests.

TRW Braking Systems

Safety and performance from TRW True Originals

TRW brake pads

We design braking systems for over half the world’s vehicles, building much of the original equipment they are fitted with when they roll out of the factory*. We are also the leading brake parts manufacturer serving the independent aftermarket.

All TRW True Originals aftermarket parts (including brake pads, calipers, discs and actuation systems) are developed, designed, built and tested with the same level of expertise and precision that goes into our OE braking systems.

Because we produce every type of vehicle braking solution, no one knows better than we do how every component works and interacts with others to perform effectively together. That’s why choosing TRW True Originals means the most efficient fit for you, the highest level of safety and quality for your customer, and the best results for your business.

*50% of rear axle systems, and 20% of front axle systems
** Independently tested by RDW

Braking Product Lines

TRW True Originals disc brake systems

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Rigorous Quality

Setting OE manufacturing standards for braking systems

We are the only IAM braking manufacturer to develop our own testing hardware and software. We test our True Originals products in the factory and on the road, including Alpine tests, high performance testing and hill holds.

Our product development team works hard to ensure that we’re leading in the changes the market needs. For example, our innovative Electric Blue range is growing fast to meet increasing demands from the electric and hybrid vehicle market.

The TRW research and development team maintains mutually beneficial relationships with major vehicle manufacturers around the world, to make sure that we can offer you – and your customers – the safest, best-performing products possible.

End to end in-house production keeps us in control

We manufacture in our own automated factories, using the latest techniques, technologies and testing methodologies to ensure that we’re always at the cutting edge. Complete visibility and management of every stage from design to delivery means that we can confidently offer our product guarantees, knowing that you and millions of customers all over the world are relying on us for their vehicle safety and performance.

  • Advanced EMAG machining for runout tolerances, controlled thickness and smooth finishing
  • Statistical quality control
  • ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Quality Management certified
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified

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