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ZF Aftermarket has everything you need for your commercial vehicle drive: Whether new or exchange units, clutches, components, genuine transmission spare parts or repair kits – we have the right solution to every problem.

Our volume production-level first-class quality, technology and guarantees are also available on the aftermarket. You are always on the safe side with our truck and bus transmission service.

Benefits at a glance

  • Quality OEM service
  • Over 100,000 transmission parts always in stock
  • A global network of over 650 ZF Aftermarket Service Centers

The transmission service

Repair and replacement

If a truck or bus transmission has been damaged, reacting quickly and delivering good quality is of utmost importance. Whether you need an exchange unit or a truck transmission repair that reflects the transmission's current value.

ZF Aftermarket can provide a perfect, top-notch solution that is tailored to your requirements.

  • Ecosplit exchange units available within 24 hours (applies to all standard Ecosplit transmissions)
  • New component quality at the best price
  • OE quality remanufacturing
  • Use of genuine truck transmission parts
  • ZF Aftermarket transmission repair service that takes the transmission's current value into account
  • On-site service
  • Collection and delivery service
  • An extensive Service Network
Find out more about ZF Testman

If the truck and bus transmission electronics need to be checked at some stage, the service team has the necessary expertise and is always on hand. All the electronically controlled ZF products are taken into consideration. Faults can be detected early, minimizing vehicle downtime.

The ZF Testman diagnosis system can measure route topography as well as driving style, opening up optimization potential for fleet owners and drivers.

Transmission spare parts for commercial vehicles

ZF Aftermarket keeps more than 100,000 transmission spare parts for all types of truck and bus transmissions in stock at its logistics centers. They are subject to the same quality and inspection processes as our volume production components, so the parts you receive are of proven OE quality. And what about advancements in technology and design? Well, they are all rolled into our transmission spare parts, too. We go the extra mile to make sure your bus or truck transmission repairs are a success.

Long-term reliability:

ZF Aftermarket warrants spare parts provision for up to 15 years after volume production phaseout, and even longer for vintage cars.

Find transmission spare parts now in our:

ZF-EcoFluid – ZF transmission oil for commercial vehicles

All ZF commercial vehicle transmissions are filled as standard with semi-synthetic or fully synthetic premium grade ZF-EcoFluid. Its optimized lubrication properties cut fuel consumption and therefore CO₂ emissions.

Under normal conditions, the ZF transmission oil lasts throughout the vehicle’s entire life cycle, but it can age prematurely under excessive loads – such as from frequent use of trailers or fast, sporty driving.

ZF Aftermarket also supplies OE quality ZF transmission oils to the independent aftermarket.

Technical advice on bus and truck transmission repairs

The right drive solution can enhance performance and reduce costs.

ZF Aftermarket provides active support so that your system is optimally adapted to its specific application requirements. In addition, we help you choose the most suitable solutions from the many commercial truck and bus transmissions available. What is more, you can take advantage of our expertise in truck and bus transmission repairs.

We have an extensive global network of over 650 Service Centers. Thanks to regular certification, we offer the same high quality and service standards worldwide.

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