Maximum quality aspirations and technology expertise from original equipment manufacturing are also successfully demonstrated in the spare parts market.

Oil and oil change kits for PC and LCV

ZF LifeguardFluids

ZF LifeguardFluids

  • Reduced fuel consumption​
  • Lower CO₂ emissions​´
  • Reliable care over the vehicle's service life​
  • Supports perfect shifting behavior and vibration-free operation​
  • 100% compatible thanks to original quality​
Oil change kits

Oil change kits

  • Car transmission oil changes including replacement of filter​
  • Oil pan or housing leaks​
  • Oil cooler leaks​
  • Torque converter replacements​
  • Mechatronics replacements​
  • All oil change kits can be ordered with or without ZF LifeguardFluid for the relevant transmission type​

ZF transmission parts, oils and oil filters for commercial vehicles and agriculture machinery

Transmission oil filters

Transmission oil filters

  • Genuine ZF filters ensure quality operation of your agricultural and construction machinery. Functional guarantee throughout the whole service interval, even under extreme conditions​
  • Ventilation filters​
  • Pressure filters​
  • Filter inserts​
  • Suction filters​
  • Screen filters​
Transmission parts​

Transmission parts​

  • We have more than 100,000 transmission spare parts for all types of truck and bus transmissions in stock at its logistics centers. They are subject to the same quality and inspection processes as our volume production components, so the parts you receive are of proven OE quality. We go the extra mile to make sure your bus or truck transmission repairs are a success for ZF and non-ZF Transmission​
  • Long-term reliability​
ZF EcoFluid, ZF PowerFluid​

ZF EcoFluid, ZF PowerFluid​

  • A hydrocrack high-performance oil developed for automatic and manual transmissions ​
  • Reduced fuel consumption​
  • Lower CO₂ emissions​
  • Reliable care over the vehicle’s service life​
  • ZF PowerFluid Plus is a universal first fill and service oil for axles, transmissions and hydraulic systems for off-highway machinery​
  • Excellent corrosion protection protects against rust and attacks on non-ferrous heavy metal​
  • Very high wear protection level​
  • Environmentally-friendly and cost reducing thanks to long oil change intervals​