The ZF Aftermarket range for truck and bus axles

ZF Aftermarket delivers complete front and rear truck axle systems including wheel suspensions, suspensions, dampers and brakes to vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Furthermore ZF supplies compatible genuine spare parts for truck and bus axle repair and maintenance.

New and replacement axles for trucks and buses
New and replacement axles

A replacement axle for trucks and buses is a fast, low-cost, ecological alternative to conventional repairs. ZF Aftermarket remanufactures axle systems at central remanufacturing locations.

ZF Aftermarket replacement axles meet the same quality standards as those from volume production. Customers also benefit from technical advances in volume production axles as we integrate these into the remanufacturing process. ZF Aftermarket replacement axles come with a one-year warranty.

ZF Aftermarket continues to offer axles that are no longer available as standard so that customers can supply small production batches or special vehicles with the customary high ZF quality, even after production is phased out.

Replacement axles for trucks and buses are available worldwide via our extensive network of over 650 Service Centers. Thanks to regular certification, we offer the same high quality and service standards worldwide.

Genuine spare parts for commercial vehicle axles

ZF Aftermarket keeps more than 100,000 spare parts for all types of truck and bus axles in stock.

Spare parts are produced with the same manufacturing processes as our volume production components and are subject to the same quality and inspection processes. Technical and design changes or improvements are also included.

ZF Aftermarket warrants spare parts provision for up to 10 years after volume production phaseout, and even longer for specific ZF axles.

Explore know available parts for axles within the:

Bus and truck axle repair kits provide the full set of parts for an upcoming repair job and enable quick service at low cost.

The kits are compiled based on years of experience from ZF Aftermarket mechanics.

ZF Aftermarket guarantees to have them in stock in the worldwide service organization for certain cases of damage. They include, for example, complete wheel heads, bevel gearsets and sealing kits.

ZF Aftermarket commercial vehicle axle oils

ZF Aftermarket has developed a range of synthetic high-performance oils exclusively for bus and truck axles.

They also come with an innovative additive package to guarantee excellent lubrication and friction properties for highly demanding applications, reducing material wear and ensuring smoother gear changes.

Explore the lubricants within the lubricants lists and further information within the lubricants data sheets.

ZF Aftermarket service network for trucks and buses

If a bus or truck axle repair becomes necessary, ZF Aftermarket offers the required genuine spare parts and preventive maintenance. The right drive solution can enhance performance and reduce costs.

ZF Aftermarket has the technical know-how and experience to optimize special vehicles and their systems for specific application conditions. The service portfolio also includes conversion to new bus and truck axle generations. In addition, ZF Aftermarket provides specific levels of training on construction and agricultural equipment axle operations.

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