ZF Aftermarket product portfolio

TRW writes the rules on braking systems; we’ve been designing and making OE disc brake systems for the world’s top vehicle manufacturers for nearly 100 years.

  • Unparalleled coverage for disc brake systems and components
  • Unique high-performing coatings for discs and pads, innovation which is developed and owned by our technicians
  • Exceptional coverage of the European vehicle parc
  • The only IAM braking manufacturer to develop in-house testing hardware and software
  • Precision engineering to tight tolerances for optimum fit and performance
  • Brake pads and brake discs provided with all the necessary fittings in the box for quick, easy and safe repair

The TRW product portfolio

Brake Discs TRW

Brake Discs

Take confidence in choosing replacement brake discs from TRW, the original braking experts and global designers of OE safety systems.

  • Exceptional coverage of the European vehicle parc
  • Braking safety, performance and value to OE standards, and better
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances for a hassle-free fit
  • Residue-free packaging – use straight out of the box

As industry-recognised global braking specialists, we produce over 12 million brake discs every year for vehicle manufacturers and the independent aftermarket. TRW True Originals are just that: originals that are never just a copy of an existing model. We design and build everything from the ground up to meet the real world challenges your customers face, and because we never stop researching and developing new safety and performance features, you’ll always have access to the latest developments in braking technology to pass on to your customers.

Did you know that we pack all our brake discs in VCI (volatile corrosion inhibator) paper rather than coating them in oil or rust preventative? You just take them out of the box and get to work – no need to waste time cleaning it off before fitting.

To provide increased corrosion resistance and performance, our product developers devised a new industry concept: black painted brake discs. By coating parts of the disc in our specially formulated black paint, we create a unique surface that acts as a protective barrier against corrosion.

When we manufacture TRW True Originals, we control every detail of every part. Because we’re committed to producing the safest and highest quality brake discs, we use a carefully controlled mixture of raw materials to produce the finest grey cast iron. By undertaking this process, it means that we can be sure of the best possible casting for the best performance quality.

All our castings are made to tight tolerances using top-quality EN-GJL-150 or EN-GJL-200 cast iron material.

  • Disc thickness variation (DTV) never exceeds 10µm
  • Runout never exceeds 30µm
  • The central hole is fixed at H8 norm

Castings are subject to stringent safety tests and controls before being released for machining. These close tolerances provide hassle-free fitting for you, and comfortable performance for your customer.

The TRW True Originals range includes brake discs with integrated bearings and ABS sensor rings. Using oil, worn or damaged bearings increases the risk of disc damage, so TRW True Originals brake discs are available ready-assembled with mounted wheel bearings. We also provide toothed and magnetic ABS sensor rings.

When we manufacture TRW True Originals, we control every detail of every part. Because we’re committed to producing the safest and highest quality brake discs, we use a carefully controlled mixture of raw materials to produce the finest grey cast iron. By undertaking this process, it means that we can be sure of the best possible casting for the best performance quality.

All our castings are made to tight tolerances using top-quality EN-GJL-150 or EN-GJL-200 cast iron material.

  • Disc thickness variation (DTV) never exceeds 10µm
  • Runout never exceeds 30µm
  • The central hole is fixed at H8 norm

Castings are subject to stringent safety tests and controls before being released for machining. These close tolerances provide hassle-free fitting for you, and comfortable performance for your customer.

Because we’re committed to producing the safest and highest quality brake discs, a carefully controlled mixture of raw materials is used to produce the finest grey cast iron. Machining process quality isn’t enough – it has to be the best possible mix from the initial casting for the best end performance quality.

Our exhaustive tests ensure:

  • High carbon content (the fluidity allows easier casting and machining, plus a low degree of shrinkage)
  • Low melting temperature (1140°C- 1200°C)
  • High wear resistance
  • High thermal capacity
  • High tensile and compressive strength, giving high levels of rigidity

The castings then undertake a variety of stringent tests and controls before being released for machining to ensure the highest levels of safety.

Due to the European CO2 regulation, a manufacturer will be required to ensure that the average emissions of all new cars it produces – and which are registered in the European Community – are at, or below, the permitted level of emissions for its vehicle type. This has shifted the automotive market into the era of ‘light weighting’ and increased R&D development to focus on the following key drivers:

  • Weight reduction
  • Fuel Economy and CO2 emissions
  • Enhanced vehicle performance and handling

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have developed Semi Compound disc ranges for several models in their portfolio – and ZF Aftermarket has a range of high-performance two-piece Semi Compound brake discs, designed to enhance safety and performance and extend endurance levels in heavier, more powerful vehicles covering the BMW and Mercedes design.

We also offer a range of brake discs with integrated bearings, ABS sensor rings and fixing accessories. This makes life much easier when it comes to fitting, as these critical safety components are often damaged when replacing the disc. Using an old, worn or damaged bearing can also increase the risk of damage to the disc itself. TRW’s brake discs with mounted wheel bearings are assembled to ensure the correct pressing in of the bearing. We’ll deliver both toothed and magnetic ABS sensor rings, depending on what is required.

Brake Pads TRW

Brake Pads

Innovative COTEC-coated brake pads enhance braking system safety – from the moment your customers drive away from your workshop.

  • Stopping distances cut by 7 metres during the bedding in period*
  • Exceptional coverage for the European vehicle parc
  • 36-month, 31,068-mile (50,000km) warranty
  • ECE R90 compliant
  • Fittings included for quick and easy replacement

* Independently tested by RDW

TRW designs and manufactures entire OE braking systems for vehicle manufacturers and has done for over a century. And because we design, make and test everything ourselves, we can guarantee that all TRW True Originals brake parts meet our own advanced standards for quality, reliability and safety.

  • We use deep moulding technology to produce a more consistent density and porosity – for your customers this means more comfortable journeys, thanks to reduced judder and noise
  • Powder coating prevents rust from developing on the back plate
  • TRW’s specialist design helps brake pads to resist heat and high shear strengths
  • Our friction material is a carefully researched compound of raw materials - from rubber to graphite – that generates the safest brake pad performance across all conditions
  • Our scorching techniques heat brake pads to 600-700°C to reduce bedding-in time and initial fading

Our unique COTEC coating is applied to all our car and LCV brake pads as standard. It is an advanced silicate coating that we apply to the friction material of replacement brake pads, providing improved contact between the brake pad and disc, even during the bedding-in period (the first few stops following a pad change when the friction co-efficient is lower than usual). So your customers will be getting the best from their front and rear brake pad replacements from the moment they leave your workshop.

In fact, TRW True Originals brake pads stop vehicles up to seven metres quicker than other premium brake pads during the bedding-in period.*

All car brake pads that TRW sells in Europe are COTEC-coated.

* Independently tested by RDW

TRW True Originals brake pads are the best in the business, offering high quality, reliable performance that you can trust whenever you need it. Every component of TRW’s aftermarket brake pad range is tested multiple times, including those crucial back plates that carry the friction material. So when you fit TRW True Originals, you’re not just providing great value, you’re also ensuring that your customers’ vehicle safety systems will perform at their best on the road every time.

Whether you’re just looking for replacement brake pads, or you need discs, calipers, shoes or other braking system parts and accessories, we have everything covered for you, making supply and service easy and stress-free.

TRW introduced one of the first environmentally-friendly brake pad programme for passenger cars in Europe, which means we also never use harmful materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, antimony, brass or molybdenum.

  • Over 80% of our brake pads are copper-free, including those for all passenger vehicles
  • To save energy and reduce CO2 emissions, we use an advanced heat plate scorching system rather than traditional flame scorching – a practice which is now an original equipment (OE) standard.
DTEC Brake Pads TRW

DTEC Brake Pads

TRW True Originals DTEC brake pads offer all the safety benefits of our COTEC coating range, plus low-dust technology to reduce rim surface dust levels by 45%.

  • Low dust formulation for cleaner-looking wheels
  • Your customers will appreciate significantly less noise
  • No compromise on safety performance
  • Exceptional coverage of the European vehicle parc
  • Each TRW True Originals brake pad comes with the necessary fitting accessories and warranty

We make DTEC brake pads using a premium ceramic formulation that reduces rim surface dust by up to 45%, and our COTEC friction coating cuts the stopping distances on new brake pads by up to 7 metres*.

COTEC is the unique friction coating developed by TRW that significantly improves safety after brake pad replacement, improving the contact between the brake pad and disc to outperform both our major competitors and original equipment.

* Independently tested by RDW

We make the back plates of TRW True Originals brake pads from high quality steel, and powder-coat them to inhibit rust. We bond the robust back plate to the friction material using a unique adhesive compound that can withstand extremely high temperatures and shear strengths (we know, because we’ve tested them to extremes).

We heat the friction material to up to 700°C to carbonise the first 0.5 to 1.5mm of its surface, getting rid of any trapped gases and resins. This reduces the need for bedding in and enhances brake pad performance. It’s a more effective process than conventional brake pad scorching, and not all aftermarket suppliers will go this far – some don’t even carry out a scorching process at all.

The scorched plate layer is then given an innovative surface coating that optimises friction right from the first stop – your customers will feel the benefit of better braking as soon as they drive away from your workshop.

All TRW True Originals brake pads meet the strict ECE R90 specifications that apply to all aftermarket brands. But for us, the testing doesn’t end there, but continues in the lab, on the road and in between (for example, we carry out shear strength testing during production control). We test our brake pads to the extreme to meet industry standards. Then we test them harder, so that they meet TRW standards.

TRW True Originals brake pads are fitted with high quality shims that act as a damper on the backing plate – we use the same metal and rubber shim combination and special adhesive that’s used in original equipment.

Our brake pads and discs are tested in our NVH (noise vibration harshness) laboratories and on the road. This supports the noiseless function of brakes. To eliminate noise we use a glass fiber reinforced phenolic shims or in more noise sensitive applications stainless steel shims with different combination of damping materials. Only a specific combination ensures an NVH free brake system. TRW pads and discs to work quiet together.

All this product innovation and enhanced safety is matched with great service quality, too.

Electric Blue Brake PadsTRW

Electric Blue Brake Pads

Electric Blue’s innovative brake pads reduce noise and vibration in electric vehicles and hybrids – good news for customers who like a quieter drive.

  • Exceptional NVH score of 9/10 (OE specification is only 7/10)
  • Be confident about coverage: our 21 part numbers cover 97% of EVs and 30 part numbers for hybrids in Europe
  • Distinctive blue shim for easy identification
  • Supplied with rubberised accessories for noise-dampening
  • Faster fitting, thanks to precise design – even the fixings are included
  • Give your customers peace of mind with our 31,068-mile (50,000km) warranty

Quieter engines need quieter brakes. As recognised global braking specialists, we have provided automotive vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) with solutions to the noise, volume and harshness (NVH) challenges associated with electric and hybrid vehicles. These innovative solutions are also now available to the aftermarket as the TRW True Originals Electric Blue range.

This innovative range of braking products – the first of its kind – was designed and made by TRW especially to meet the increasing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles and in Europe. Our wide coverage includes popular EVs and hybrids such as Tesla, Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Prius, as well as many other market leaders.

Electric Blue brake pads are engineered to noticeably reduce noise and vibration, a significant benefit for your customers. Their distinctive blue shims visually differentiate the range and contribute increased noise-damping properties. Even the necessary accessories are rubberised to support noise-damping, and each pad comes with our 50,000km guarantee

All TRW True Originals brake pads are tested to the extreme, and the Electric Blue range is no exception. Not only do these brake pads meet all our safety, durability and performance standards (exceeding industry requirements), they also undergo a noise matrix test and an NVH test to specification SAE J2521A.

We’re also keen to point out that, once again, our technicians have excelled themselves in Electric Blue’s design and manufacture.

Brake CalipersTRW

Brake Calipers

TRW True Originals brake calipers (new and remanufactured) are guaranteed for three years or 60,000 miles (100,000km). If we’re that confident, you can be, too.

  • All brake calipers are 100% end-of-line tested during production
  • 85% European car parc coverage
  • Developers of the world’s first electronic park brake calipers (EPB) in 2002, and creators of the Colette: the world’s most popular brake calipers
  • Rear calipers are pre-filled with brake fluid
  • All TRW Originals braking components are made to original equipment quality so you can fit great parts fast, with no comebacks

As braking specialists designing and building so much of the original equipment that vehicles are fitted with when they first roll out of the factory, our aftermarket expertise is unparalleled.

You and your customers benefit from the same OE quality whether you choose new or remanufactured brake calipers from TRW True Originals. We provide exceptional market coverage, easier fitting and direct-from-the-factory cutting edge innovations in braking safety and performance.

TRW True Originals gives you the convenience of buying a wide range of new and remanufactured products from the same source. Our remanufactured calipers carry the same guarantee as new ones, and reduce costs to your business and the environment.

By stripping, cleaning and rebuilding with OE quality parts, we can provide you with remanufactured brake calipers that perform just as well as those originally fitted to the car, 100% checked and end-of-line tested.

  • Our sustainable supply chain for ageing parts helps you to avoid obsolescence issues
  • Remanufacturing supports a reasonable price for low-volume parts in the market
  • Remanufacturing uses just a fraction of the energy and CO2 required to make brand new calipers – saving over 1,500 tonnes of CO2 a year
  • Every box contains the brake calipers plus all the accessories and instructions needed to fit fast and fit right
  • TRW True Originals rear brake calipers are pre-filled with brake fluid, avoiding trapped air and making fitting much quicker and easier
  • Because TRW manufactures every major part of the braking system, we can achieve the best design and integration of each component for easy, accurate fitting

TRW Universal Brake Caliper repair kit

An all-in-one solution that can fix up to 60 TRW brake calipers and 30 axles for longerlasting performance. Drive sustainability forward by reducing waste, with everything you need on-site – from guide bolts, bellows, and screws to dust caps and grease.

Click here to download our booklet for more information.

Our wide-ranging coverage of the vehicle parc means you spend less time searching for parts and more time where it matters most to your business. TRW True Originals give you more choice and excellent coverage to serve more customers: our rigorous manufacturing standards and dedicated support services back an impressive range that includes:

  • New and remanufactured calipers
  • Electric Park Brake Calipers (EPB) and Actuator Repair Kits
  • Lightweight aluminium calipers, for improved fuel consumption
  • Foundation brakes composite calipers (FBC), designed to the floating calipers concept, helping the braking system to run cooler and deliver enhanced stopping performance
  • Painted calipers – matching the OE fitment when supplied as new
  • Repair kits
Electric Park Brake (EPB) TRW

Electric Park Brake (EPB)

TRW keeps on putting out its seal of quality in the Aftermarket thanks to its revolutionary Electric Park Brake (EPB) portfolio, which is in its fifth generation and covers several important platforms including Renault, Nissan, BMW and Ford.

Initially launched in 2001, the TRW Electric Park Brake has now reached the milestone of sixty million units produced worldwide - proving TRW’s ability to always be at the front of technology where driver safety and comfort matters.

EPB is important in passenger vehicles as it allows drivers to activate a holding system to keep the vehicle stationary on grades and flat roads.

Our Electric Park Brakes:

  • Offer an improved drive comfort
  • Allow greater freedom in vehicle interior design
  • In caliper integrated systems, provide connection between hydraulic actuation of the foot brake and electrically actuated parking brake
  • Ensure optimum brake power in all conditions and reduce installation time due to the absence of hand brake cables

The EPB integrated system is based on an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and an actuator mechanism. The brake caliper itself provides a connection between the hydraulic actuation of the foot brake and electrically actuated parking brake. The holding mechanism is activated by the driver via a button, which in turn makes brake pads electrically apply onto the rear brakes.

The parking brake is operated by the actuator, which is screw-fixed directly to the brake caliper housing, and actuated via a switch in the vehicle interior. That eliminates the need for hand brake lever and cables, providing multiple advantages such as greater room inside the vehicle, simpler installation of EPB on vehicles, prevention of issues related to mechanical wear or temperature problems. All this ultimately results in brake power improvement in all conditions.

EPB or Actuator Repair Kit – We offer you both

The actuator, as an electrical component, is always subjected to extreme wear and tear and can therefore fail before the caliper. Our Actuator Repair Kit is the right solution for you to simplify repair of electric park brakes in a cost-effective way. EPB as a pre-assembled unit consisting of caliper housing and actuator or our Actuator Repair Kit as a cost-efficient alternative for a quick repair. ​

The EPB gives its best during emergency and difficult situations, proving once more TRW’s ongoing commitment to improving overall brake system performance and driver safety and comfort. In case of a hydraulic system failure, for instance, the rear wheels are alternately braked, avoiding possible breakaway of the vehicle caused by a blocked rear axle.

Furthermore, EPB when equipped with a drive away assist system can implement a hill-hold function to prevent vehicle roll-back. Finally, the system can detect events of engine stalling and prevent the car rolling backwards, by automatically closing the parking brake.

Note: additional features may vary according to vehicle manufacturer

The TRW EPB range includes standard EPB and integrated EPB (or EPBi). EPBi reduce the number of ECUs required due to its integration with the Electronic Stability Control system and make this technology more affordable for smaller vehicle segments

Thanks to our innovative EPB, the vehicle can benefit from the following:

  • Emergency braking: ensures safe braking of the car to a standstill via closing and opening the parking brakes in rapid succession (similar to the ABS function);
  • Child safety lock: when ignition is off, the parking brake cannot be released;
  • Automatic hold: the parking brake can be applied automatically as soon as the driver’s door is opened or ignition is switched off;
  • Electronically controlled: EPB can work with a variety of vehicle systems and sensors to improve safety performance;
  • No need for cable: the absence of a hand brake lever and cables allow greater freedom for interior styling and simplifies EPB installation on vehicles.
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