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Steering and suspension parts for passenger cars and LCV from ZF Aftermarket are top-quality safety components that are subject to special diligence during design, production and assembly. After all, they have to provide the best possible safety conditions for every driving situation. A car may have as many as 70 chassis components.

The TRW Product Range

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Shaped by innovation and history

With coverage that encompasses 90% of the European vehicle parc, we can supply your business with precisely the aftermarket parts that you need to satisfy your customers, every time.

The highly professional TRW innovation team is completely focused on creating the most advanced products on the market, always engineered and tested to the highest possible standards. This means that we are able to deliver the most efficient, safe and durable Steering and Suspension products to you and to your customers.

TRW remanufactured steering racks and pumps

Choosing TRW Aftermarket is an exceptional way of guaranteeing the outstanding quality and service that will keep your customers coming back for more. Our selection of steering and suspension products have gained industry recognition for their durability, strength and performance, making us the number one choice when it comes to steering systems.

Main benefits of choosing TRW for steering rack, pump and column drive remanufacture
TRW Remanufactured steering racks and pumps
  • Market leader on remanufactured column drives
  • Power steering pump coverage of more than 87% across Europe
  • Huge and in-depth knowledge of rack and pinion parts – supplying steering racks and pumps for a quarter of the vehicles in the world

With TRW steering racks, pumps and column drives fitted in one-in-three European vehicles, and a quarter of vehicles throughout the world, we have a distinct advantage over other aftermarket suppliers, with an innate understanding of a large proportion of the rack and pinion steering system market place. Through our innovative service we can remanufacture steering racks, pumps and column drives and offer them to you from stock, helping to reduce costs as well as the impact on the environment.

It’s our own in-house testing processes that make our remanufactured steering systems perform so well. These processes cover: acoustic measurements for driver comfort, strength tests, environmental resistance, wear tests, assembly technique and road testing. All of these examinations mean that the steering system is equipped and prepared to deal with the real world, offering tangible safety and protection benefits for drivers.

Steering system remanufacturing is the only way to ensure that older vehicles continue to perform safely on the road. Our high standards and rigorous testing processes offer peace of mind to you and your customers, and this is reinforced by the TRW guarantee.

We design and produce the original steering and braking systems for several major manufacturers, so we understand the importance of upholding the highest safety standards. All of our steering products are tested to original equipment standards, which helps us to meet and exceed the international regulations.

With more than 4,000 engineers, scientists, designers and technicians working across 27 countries TRW can deliver a comprehensive service to more than 40 vehicle manufacturers. This gives us a unique standing, helping us to outperform our competitors in the steering and suspension market place.

From our factory in the Czech Republic, TRW runs an all-makes programme for remanufacturing steering gears and pumps across Europe. As you can see below, we cover a huge proportion of the European aftermarket with a wide range of products.

Steering gear line:

  • 536 types of assisted steering gear parts
  • 175 types of non-assisted steering gear parts

Power steering pump line:

  • 357 types of hydraulic steering pump parts
  • 48 types of electrical steering pump parts

Column drive line:

  • 232 types of electrical column drive parts

TRW steering linkages

The steering linkage is a crucial part of the steering system, connecting the front wheels and enabling them to move in a functional way. Given the importance of the steering linkage, it is critical that all cars are fitted with high quality parts, which TRW can provide to help you offer great service for your customer.

With TRW Aftermarket steering linkage you get
TRW Steering linkages
  • Improved performance of tyres which lowers the chances of vehicle-roll
  • More than 4,800 parts to choose from
  • Corrosion resistant stabiliser links made from glass-fibre reinforced plastic
  • Reduced weight and damping vibrations
  • Two-seat design for tie-rod ends which means no spring and therefore longer life

Our standing as an industry leader in steering systems is highlighted by our huge product range, covering more than 4,800 parts and 92% of the European vehicle parc. This means you can trust TRW to deliver exceptionally high standards of performance and safety. The benefits of choosing a TRW steering linkage includes:

  • Guaranteed safety improvement
  • Continuous advancement through outstanding research and development
  • Original equipment (OE) quality
  • Extreme testing process
  • Expert training and guidance

If the steering linkage in a vehicle isn’t working properly then the occupants could be in danger. The chances of vehicle-roll during cornering are increased by a failing stabiliser link due to possible over steer, while a broken stabiliser link can also knock out or tilt away. As well as generating an annoying noise while the vehicle is running, a damaged steering linkage could affect the performance of the tyres or braking, which also has the potential to be dangerous for the driver.

With a wide and varied product range, we cover a huge selection of requirements, which is why we’re your one-stop solution in the aftermarket. Manufacturing all sorts of linkage products from Tie rod ends to control arms and ball joints, we have developed forged aluminium, forged steel, nodular cast iron and stamped steel to give you lightweight parts for efficient and flexible performance.

With corrosion resistant stabiliser links made from glass-fibre reinforced plastic, you can give drivers safe, efficient and strong performances at all times. The use of such high-quality materials allows us to reduce the weight and damping vibrations of our stabiliser links. And where glass fibre material is unsuitable due to space restrictions, we’ll supply proven steel steering linkages.

Our tie rod ends use a two-seat design as standard, which means there is no need for a spring, which will extend the life of the part. A 24-hour salt spray test means that they can be trusted at all times, but to be sure we’ll also perform dynamic and elasticity tests as well. TRW tie rod assemblies are all adjustable to the needs of each individual chassis, and with a large selection, we’ll even provide a full OE standard repair kit to go with them.

Other products in the portfolio include:

  • Front and rear toe links – offering better straight-line stability
  • Centre links – ensuring an efficient, straightforward connection with the idler arm
  • Idler arm – providing pivoting support for the steering linkage
  • Pitman arm – converting the angular motion of the sector shaft to linear motion
  • Bellows – allows expansion and compression of a joint

The key to producing such market leading products is all in the intense testing process that we carry out on all of our steering linkage parts. Visual checks help us to assess quality variances where we examine physical performance for the following:

  • Break away torque
  • Rotational torque
  • Radial elasticity
  • Pull out force
  • Endurance test

TRW Track control arms

Choosing TRW Aftermarket is a simple and straightforward choice, with our control arm parts providing the following tangible benefits for drivers.

  • Improved fuel economy with optimised weight and shape through finite element techniques
  • Temperature resistant parts that perform in all conditions
  • More than 1,000 types of control arm components to choose from to cover all vehicle types
  • Enhanced ride handling and performance with a collection of rubber, metal and hydraulic bushes

With the most rigorous testing process employed across all of our parts you can be sure that TRW products are the best in the business.

A track control arm is the hinged suspension link that connects the chassis and the suspension that carries the wheel. Attached with a single pivot, normally a rubber bushing, the control arm can adjust the position of the outboard end while sustaining the radial distance from the inboard mount. A track control arm is one of the most mechanically impressive parts of the suspension system, which means it is important to replace them when they become worn or broken.

Often the reason a replacement is required is due to the ball joint or bushing being worn out, but it can be very difficult and expensive to replace these components separately. This is why TRW believes that replacing the whole part will be more efficient and provide a longer lasting fix. Drivers should also consider changing the control arm when the wheel has been damaged due to an accident.


Our selection of Upper and lower Track Control Arms features:

  • Aluminium forged Track Control Arms
  • Aluminium cast Track Control Arms – which are extremely low weight to ensure high performance levels
  • Steel forged Track Control Arms
  • Steel stamped Track Control Arms

Ball Joints also feature in our steering and suspension range of parts, which are crafted using state-of-the-art techniques to make sure that they deliver an exceptionally high performance. These parts are all temperature resistant so that they can perform in any conditions as well as offering low-torque and high comfort solutions. With a range from 25mm to 42mm, and with integral as well as non-integral designs, TRW caters for every vehicle type. TRW also produces a mixture of rubber, rubber and metal and hydraulic bushes as part of the range.

TRW stabiliser links

A stabiliser link performs a crucial role in the performance of any vehicle, connecting other parts of the suspension set up that absorb the shocks from potholes or bumps in the road. Therefore stabiliser links or stabiliser bars need to be performing at their best to guarantee driver safety and comfort.

TRW stabiliser link offers
TRW stabiliser-link
  • Parts made from corrosion-resistant steel, aluminium and glass fibre reinforced plastic – reducing the weight
  • A more comfortable ride with the impact of damping vibrations lowered
  • Proven steel stabiliser links when glass fibre models cannot be fitted
  • Certified manufacturing sites meaning economical and efficient production
  • More than 80% of TRW parts made in TRW factories – allowing us to uphold quality standards

Every stabiliser link we produce is tested to the extreme, which means you can have peace of mind that it will perform when it is needed most. With Original Equipment (OE) designs, you can trust TRW to deliver the very latest and best safety equipment.

The replacement of a faulty stabiliser link with a new TRW stabiliser link on a car has an immediate, easy to identify effect on the quality of driving. The benefits of a TRW stabiliser link are:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Lower emissions
  • Enhanced driving comfort and support

With years of experience in the aftermarket, TRW can supply high-quality, efficiently produced parts that make a real difference to driver safety on the road. As designers and manufacturers of OE components, you can trust TRW to provide exceptional products that can meet a wide range of vehicle types, designs and needs.

TRW stabiliser links come in either corrosion-resistant steel, aluminium or glass fibre reinforced plastic. Every stabiliser link is constructed using the very latest techniques with advanced equipment from our workshops around the world, allowing us to utilise the skills of more than 4,000 scientists, designers, engineers and technicians. With more than 80% of TRW parts sold into the aftermarket made in TRW factories, this commitment to quality is always upheld.

TRW’s corrosion-resistant stabiliser bars are made with glass fibre reinforced plastic, which means that weight is reduced and the impact from vibrations is improved. When glass fibre models cannot be fitted due to loading conditions or space restrictions, TRW can still supply a proven steel stabiliser bar instead.

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