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Be prepared to serve the electric vehicle parc of the future with ZF

Become an Electrically Instructed Person with our new certified online training and ZF expertise!

When working on hybrid or electric vehicles, different, special high voltage qualifications are recommended according to DGUV Information 200-006. This also includes all non-electrical work carried out on high voltage vehicles, such as changing oil or wheels or replacing lamps (for which the level 1 qualification is required).

zf e mobility training

ZF Aftermarket has therefore developed an online training course in cooperation with the trade association. The training qualifies you as a person trained in electrical engineering (DGUV Information 200-006, level 1).

You will be sensitized and instructed in handling high voltage systems in order to enable you to work safely on the vehicle. The aim of the training is to ensure that you can immediately and clearly identify the high voltage components, understand the hazards they pose and are familiar with the component markings.

The new online qualification

The process for the Electrically Instructed Person

The training contents can be viewed independently of time and location on your end device. You can monitor your learning success during the training by integrated exercises. The e-learning also prepares you specifically for the following online test.

After completing the e-learning, you can check your gained knowledge in an online test. At the end of the test you will receive an overview of the achieved scores. The successful graduation is also the admission to a ZF online training with the expert ZF high-voltage trainers.

The ZF online training will give you first-hand expert knowledge. You will have the opportunity to ask our ZF high-voltage trainers questions, exchange experiences, join in in-depth technical discussions, and deepen your knowledge even further.

Have we aroused your interest? You can register here.

Instructions for registering on the ZF Aftermarket Portal and the e-learning can be found here.

Equipped for the mobility of the future

Your benefits

The training courses were developed in accordance with the specifications of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association (DGUV Information 200-006) and in cooperation with the technical and development departments at ZF. The training courses qualify you for the safe handling of hybrid drive, electric drive, and fuel cell in practice.

  • Blended learning approach: Combination of attendance and online offerings
  • Modular structure: Entry depending on previous electrical engineering knowledge
  • Flexible time management: Digital content can be called up flexibly
  • High practical relevance: Exercises performed directly on the high voltage system or vehicle
  • Certification: Trainings according to the specifications of the German Employer's Liability Insurance Association (DGUV)
  • OE professional competence: Training development in coordination with ZF experts and internal departments


Well equipped for any problem

Take advantage of our know-how from original equipment for hybrid vehicles and become a competent contact for e-mobility through the individually and interactively designed trainings. ZF Aftermarket offers trainings for research and development and non HV intrinsically safe vehicles as well as training courses for HV intrinsically safe vehicles.

Not HV-intrinsically safe means that complete protection against contact and arcing is not guaranteed. Accordingly, vehicles that have been involved in an accident are also considered non HV-intrinsically safe vehicles. The advantage for you as a training participant is that you are also qualified for work on HV-intrinsically safe vehicles and do not need any additional training.

Non HV-intrinsically safe vehicles

Target group: All persons who work with hybrid or electric vehicles

Contents: Training contents Electrically/expert instructed person.

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours.

The training corresponds to the expert person for work in research and development and on non HV-intrinsically safe production vehicles.

Target group: All persons who carry out work on hybrid or electric vehicles that goes beyond the normal scope of maintenance.

Content: Training content ZF high-voltage expert.

Duration: Depends on individual previous knowledge.

Authorization for: Carrying out work on high-voltage components in a de-energized state, for example fixing and ensuring that the system is de-energized, troubleshooting the high-voltage system, shutting down and commissioning the high-voltage system or removing and installing high-voltage components.

There are various qualification paths for qualification as a ZF high-voltage expert that take your individual pre-qualification into account. The diagram provides you with an overview of the contents and scope of training.

The training corresponds to the expert person for work on live high-voltage components.

Target group: All persons who carry out bodywork work or repairs on crashed hybrid or electric vehicles or who want to make a name for themselves as electrical experts.

Contents: Training contents work on live high-voltage components.

Duration: Depends on individual previous knowledge.

Authorization for: Replacing battery cells, measurements in accordance with electrotechnical standards, laying and fastening cables, setting up and wiring circuits, connecting and operating peripheral devices, carrying out fault analyses and troubleshooting and repairing faults.

For the training course "Working on live high-voltage components" a successful qualification according to level 2 is required. The participant requires sound theoretical electrotechnical knowledge and practical electrotechnical skills.

HV-intrinsically safe vehicles

This training qualifies you to work on vehicles that are considered intrinsically safe due to their design and condition. HV-intrinsically safe means that complete protection against contact and arcing is guaranteed (e.g. series vehicles).

High voltage qualification for fire brigades

HV firefighters

ZF Aftermarket has developed a special high voltage qualification for fire brigades to carefully prepare emergency services for emergencies with electric vehicles.The training enables emergency services to correctly assess this special danger situation and derive the right steps for the safe recovery of electric vehicles and their occupants.

Extract from the training program for fire brigades:

  • Possible hazards during operations
  • Danger prevention
  • Approaches to rescue operations
  • Examples from real applications

Impressions from our high voltage training

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