Article by Joachim Waagaard

March 10, 2022
2 minutes read

SACHS shock absorbers for best performance

Why you should rely on strength and light weight

What would you do if Joachim Waagaard suddenly walked into your workshop? The Norwegian top driver isn´t just recognized for spectacular drifts and cinematic stunt maneuvers – he also knows his way around in the workshop.

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Let´s have a peek into his professional garage, where Joachim will introduce himself. With his 15 years of experience in motorsports, he has all the necessary expertise and practical knowledge to motivate why SACHS suspensions are his weapon of choice when it comes to weight reduction, strength and durability.

Get up close and learn from the best when Joachim takes you into his world.

SACHS shocks and ZF products for motorsports

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Joachim Waagaard

Joachim Waagaard

Joachim is a professional drift and stunt driver from Norway. His motto when driving as well as repairing cars:

“Challenging every part of my ride, for sure!”