Joachim Waagaard

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March 30, 2022
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Joachim Waagaard

SACHS clutches aren´t just any clutches!

Norwegian drift driver Joachim Waagaard knows how to race cars, that´s undisputed. But did you know that he builds and repairs them by himself, too?

With his expertise as a mechanic, he wants to share his great trust in the performance and safety of SACHS clutches.

Check out Joachim's hands-on explanation why SACHS clutches are the best for easy fitting and how the clever XTend mechanism makes these couplings more resistant to effects of wear.

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SACHS clutches and ZF products for motorsports

About the author

Joachim Waagaard

Joachim Waagaard

Joachim is a professional drift and stunt driver from Norway. His motto when driving as well as repairing cars:

“Challenging every part of my ride, for sure!”