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If that is what you are aiming for, you do not need additional delays in the workshop. ZF Testman tests all electronically controlled ZF products online via telemetry or laptop, whether the vehicle is moving or stationary.

To that end, a notebook equipped with the ZF diagnostic software for motor vehicles is simply connected to the vehicle electronics system via an interface during the next repair. ZF Testman keeps you constantly up to speed with your vehicle status for effective, targeted troubleshooting.

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ZF Testman

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Functions of ZF Testman

zf testman software

New functions of the current ZF Testman DPA06 hardware:

Bluetooth interface between DPA06 and laptop makes your work easy and flexible.

Integrated ZF Aftermarket measuring tool: Pressure and temperature measuring technology to scan hydraulics and pneumatics.

The advantages at a glance

ZF Testman makes troubleshooting even faster.

Discover it's powerful functionalities and find faults quickly and reliably:

The monitoring function provides both statistical and dynamic measurement data and enables vehicle error diagnosis under real conditions during travel, with clear graphics for straightforward data interpretation and accurate conclusions.

The products not only save the error codes, but also information regarding chassis application behavior and transmission history, providing valuable indications for troubleshooting and system optimization.

ZF Testman enables you to teach in ZF products (e.g., clutches or transmissions of your passenger car).

ZF Testman comes with all the technical documentation on the maintenance and repair of all our products when installed.

Product error memory readouts (incl. troubleshooting instructions) provide you with unfiltered data on vehicle errors. The appropriate circuit diagrams and search guides are also linked to each error, enabling you to implement the correct repair measures quickly and efficiently.

Vehicle-specific data can be copied and easily transferred 1:1 onto the new control unit when the old one is replaced, eliminating the additional costs of purchasing via third parties and getting the vehicle back on the road quickly.

Changes to the vehicle require subsequent reconfiguration (e.g., transmission configuration after the installation of a stationary/nonstationary power take-off). ZF Testman makes this a straightforward task.

Should a product not perform as expected, this may be because certain pre-conditions are missing. The software allows you to query conditions that have not been met under function locks, which in turn determines whether the issue is due to an application error or a defective vehicle component.

This is what you get

Additional and special features

Measuring tool
The integrated ZF Aftermarket measuring tool and optional pressure and temperature sensors allow you to record and display dynamic signal trends.

Special features
For some ZF products there are special features that support the analysis of complex systems. For example, you can check the functionality of the range selector or more easily find loose connections in wiring harnesses.

ZF Testman

Included in the package

Hardware/interface module: DPA06; software DVD incl. one-year license; connection cable set for transmission electronics; laptop connection cable.

Various optional vehicle adaptors are available separately.

Product details

Product information

Various editions of ZF Testman are available. Here are the options for application-optimized solutions you can choose from:

  • ZF Testman IAM Edition (includes all applications currently available)
  • ZF Testman CV Edition (includes all applications currently available for commercial vehicles)
  • ZF Testman PC Edition (includes all applications currently available for passenger cars)

Purchase order

  • ZF Testman IAM Edition, ZF Aftermarket order number: 6008 208 450
  • ZF Testman CV Edition, ZF Aftermarket order number: 6008 208 650
  • ZF Testman PC Edition, ZF Aftermarket order number: 6008 208 850

You can purchase the ZF diagnostic software exclusively via ZF Aftermarket Service Center.

Licensing model

Every edition of ZF Testman comes with a one-year license, which is easy to extend online once you order and receive your software. You can make your license period as long as you wish by adding multiple extensions for our ZF diagnostic tools. 5 years license is also available, suitable for the Editions IAM; Commercial Vehicle andPassenger Car.

For more information on the general licensing agreement, please see ZF Testman operating instructions: