Each new vehicle generation comes with ever higher demands not only on individual vehicle components, but also on expert performance of all work on the vehicle. Only when their tool trolley is equipped with the right special tools for cars, professionals are well prepared for any work that needs to be carried out on passenger cars and trucks.

Whatever your task: assembly, inspection, service or repair work – SACHS car tools are the perfect solution for efficient, smooth performance that saves you time and money. That's why SACHS special tools for cars should be part of every workshop's equipment.

Under the SACHS product brand, ZF Aftermarket offers an extensive range of high-quality special testing tools for automotive workshops – e.g., clutch tools (like the clutch centering pin), innovative inspection equipment and many other special tools that make servicing noticeably easier. As part of its clutch tool range, SACHS also offers a clutch tool kit for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. To center a truck's clutch, simply use SACHS tools to center the clutch specifically designed for commercial vehicles.

SACHS special tools for cars all come with extensive operating instructions. In addition, ZF Aftermarket's popular technical trainings use the appropriate SACHS tools for each training topic.

SACHS car tools in detail

SACHS Cleaning System for Electric Contact Surfaces

Simply clean: The comprehensive contents of the SACHS cleaning case enable quick and thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach contact surfaces.

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SACHS cleaning system

Inspection Tool for Dual-Mass Flywheels

The dual-mass flywheel (DMF) testing tool enables easy and reliable checking of a DMF in installed or disassembled condition.

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SACHS DMF inspection tool

SACHS Lateral Run-Out Testers for Passenger Cars and Trucks

SACHS offers lateral run-out testers for clutch discs with diameters of up to and starting from 240 mm, depending on whether passenger car or truck clutches need to be tested.

All about SACHS lateral run-out testers
SACHS lateral run-out tester

Clutch Centering Tool Kit for Trucks

The SACHS clutch alignment tool kit enables quick and reliable centering via the pilot bearing in the crankshaft.

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SACHS clutch centering kit

SACHS Clutch Tool Kit for Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

The clutch tool kit is ideal for disassembling and installing XTend and conventional clutches as well as for centering clutch disks.

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SACHS clutch tool kit for installation

FAQs about SACHS tools

Which special tools are available for car repair services?

The SACHS range of special tools includes clutch centering kits, clutch tool kits for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, inspection equipment for SACHS dual-mass flywheels (DMF) and lateral run-out testers for passenger cars and trucks. In addition, SACHS offers an innovative cleaning system for electric contact surfaces.

Yes, the extensive SACHS cleaning case, for example, contains everything you need to successfully clean electric contact surfaces.