When it comes to motorcycle parts, SACHS is internationally recognized as an expert in this product segment. For decades, each BMW motorcycle that comes off the line was fitted with a high-quality motorcycle clutch from SACHS. It guarantees optimum reliability, perfection and dynamics, which also make it highly durable. SACHS clutches for BMW motorcycles consist of motorcycle clutch disks, motorcycle diaphragm springs, motorcycle clutch plates, motorcycle clutch plate housing and motorcycle clutch housings. Clutches for BMW motorcycles and clutch kits for BMW motorcycles are produced exclusively from high-quality materials using the most state-of-the-art technology for motorcycle design and production.

Available for the aftermarket in OEM quality:

Motorcycle parts from SACHS

For the spare parts market, SACHS adheres to exactly the same requirements as it does for original equipment. This means that motorcycle parts for the aftermarket and BMW motorcycle parts like the SACHS motorcycle clutches are also produced according to OEM specifications and from OEM materials. If a motorcycle clutch is due to be replaced, a SACHS replacement clutch offers the same optimal performance and power transfer. BMW motorcycle parts from SACHS are additionally impressive due to their extremely long service lives.

Motorcycle clutch needs replacement?

SACHS motorcycle clutch kit for BMW motorcycles makes this an easy job.

Checking motorcycle clutches is part of the daily work of a motorcycle repair shop. If the check-up shows that the clutch is defective, the shop removes the old clutch and installs a new one. The practical SACHS motorcycle clutch kit is perfect for this because it comes with all the clutch components needed to replace a BMW clutch, making the job smooth and easy for the shop. The SACHS motorcycle clutch kit consists of:

  • Motorcycle clutch disks in OE quality for gentle shifting and optimal power transmission. The disk comes with the appropriate friction material just as if it were an OE part.
  • Motorcycle diaphragm springs made of high-quality spring steel for reliable power transmission and extremely comfortable shifting
  • Motorcycle clutch plates with precision-cut friction surface for optimal power transmission and durability
  • Motorcycle clutch housing plates that are perfectly aligned with the clutch disks
  • Motorcycle clutch housing with OE starter ring gear