Heavy and light trucks need to run reliably and economically. SACHS therefore offers the highest quality truck spare parts as well as bus spare parts and spare parts for other commercial vehicles, resulting in optimal reliability, toughness and long service lives. Even with heavy payloads along challenging stretches of road, SACHS CV spares ensure outstanding vehicle performance.

Reliable spare parts for trucks and buses

Unlike other manufacturers, SACHS offers a diverse selection of truck spare parts, bus spare parts and spare parts for other commercial vehicles for the aftermarket: SACHS CV spares include dampers, CDC dampers for CV, truck dual-mass flywheels (DMF), CV clutch release bearings, clutches and CV pressure plates. Additional product highlights include the pneumatic clutch actuator SACHS ConAct, automated clutch actuation systems and SACHS XTend. Moreover, SACHS products for commercial vehicles also include CV spare parts, components (e.g. springs) and equipment for buses and coaches.

Release forks for commercial vehicles

SACHS release forks for trucks and buses are produced in OE quality. Innovative technology and extensive expertise in driveline technology guarantee top-quality products.

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SACHS Release Forks for Commercial Vehicles

Clutches, CV clutch release bearings, SACHS XTend

The most modern technology for maximum reliability: SACHS truck clutches and other commercial vehicle clutches.

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SACHS XTend Clutch


Vibration Reduction for Trucks: SACHS Truck Dual-Mass Flywheel (DMF).

What you need to know about SACHS DMF
SACHS dual-mass flywheel for commercial vehicles teaser


Greater comfort – less wear: the pneumatic clutch actuation system SACHS ConAct.

Everything you need to know about SACHS ConAct
SACHS ConAct teaser

CDC dampers for CV

Sporty, safe, comfortable: SACHS CDC dampers for trucks.

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SACHS CDC Dampers for Trucks

Truck shock absorbers

Cost-effective driving: SACHS dampers for commercial vehicles.

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SACHS Dampers for Commercial Vehicles

Shock absorbers for buses

Perfect road contact: SACHS dampers for buses and coaches.

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SACHS dampers for buses and coaches teaser

Clutches and clutch kits for buses and coaches

Safety on the road with SACHS clutches for buses and clutch kits for buses and coaches.

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SACHS Bus Clutch