SACHS supplies the farming and agricultural engineering sector with high-quality products and unbeatable service. SACHS spare parts for agricultural machinery - such as tractor spare parts - are synonymous with high performance, long service life and absolute reliability. Designed using high-quality materials and modern technology, agricultural machinery spare parts guarantee the ultimate in both ride comfort and safety.

SACHS spare parts for agricultural machinery keep agricultural vehicles and machinery in top condition. That's just one of the reasons why farmers, workshops and dealers rely on SACHS products for agricultural machinery.

Tractors and other agricultural commercial vehicles have to do a dependable job day after day. For instance, clutches for tractors work especially hard to move not only the vehicle but also its attachments.

Driver‘s cabin dampers for agricultural machinery have to cope with rough dirt tracks and loose ground day in, day out. And being safety-related agricultural machinery spare parts, they also play a major role in driving comfort, reducing strain on the driver. The upshot: improved driver performance and safer driving.

Torsional dampers for tractors and harvesters prevent engine torque peaks as well as uneven running from being transferred to the driveline or implements, significantly increasing driving comfort and reducing wear on the driveline components.

Driver‘s cabin damper

SACHS driver‘s cabin dampers minimize strain on the driver, providing comfort and safety.

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SACHS agricultural driver's cabin damper

Clutches and torsional dampers

SACHS tractor clutches make it easier to drive additional machinery. SACHS torsional dampers noticeably improve driving comfort while reducing wear on driveline components. SACHS fan clutches provide engine cooling as and when required.

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SACHS agricultural clutch