Philipp Janczewski

Contributed by Philipp Janczewski
March 21, 2023
3 minutes read

What is an autonomous shuttle made of?

A complex system with many components

With my colleague Kim I have already taken a look at the self-driving shuttle GTR3 by ZF, its abilities and which services are needed from an aftermarket perspective. Missed out? Watch here.

Today we intend to take a closer look at the technical ingredients: What is the autonomous transport system (ATS) made of ? Which elements are enabling the self driving functionality? And how many trainings are necessary for a service engineer, to master calibrating the ADAS sensors, to work securely within the HV system and to get an understanding of all the other components?

We will provide you with a brief insight!

Phillip Janczewski

Philipp Janczewski

Philipp is Global Head of Training Development, working with ZF Aftermarket since 2013. His motto as #zfexpert:

“You can never have too many horses! No matter in which engine.”