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April 4, 2023
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Reasons for an oil change

When to change the transmission oil?

ZF Aftermarket recommends a transmission oil change for ZF transmissions as indicated in our Lists of Lubricants. However, the characteristics of the oil change under load. For example, the oils age faster at extremely high operating temperatures.

Shorter change intervals are advisable depending on:

  • Driving style and driving profile
  • Making many trips at high speeds
  • Trailer operation
  • Sporty driving style
  • Frequent short-distance trips

Regular oil changes result in:

  • Reduced wear
  • Less abraded material (maintains clutch disks)
  • Maintains the transmission's adaptability

How can an oil change kit contribute to this task?

All components are of ZF OE quality and are immediately available - this saves working time in the workshop and waiting time for the vehicle owner. ZF oil change kits:

  • Contain components in ZF OE quality exclusively
  • Contain all components required for a professional oil change
  • Always contain the corresponding installation instructions
  • Contain ZF transmission oils that perfectly match the respective transmission thanks to special additives

Benefits and Properties

What is so special about ZF transmission oils and oil change kits?

Oil properties
Transmission oil in motion

ZF LifeguardFluid oil:

  • Is optimized for transmissions and therefore guarantees optimal performance and shift comfort as a "feature"
  • Was developed in conjunction with the individual transmissions and adapted to their specific requirements
  • Contains base oils and special additive packages (friction modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, cold flow improvers, cleaning agents, foam inhibitors, etc.) that perfectly match the respective transmission
  • Maintains excellent lubrication and friction properties even under high loads
  • Ensures a long service life and noticeable fuel savings
Icon oil bottle

High-quality ZF LifeguardFluid transmission oils for individual automatic and hybrid transmissions guarantee:

  • Perfect shifting behavior
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Preventing gearbox failures and general malfunctions
  • Reduced wear on highly stressed components
  • Optimized viscosity for maximum fuel economy and lower CO₂ emissions
  • Reliable care over the entire life of the vehicle
  • 100% original quality

Where to use ZF oil change kits for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with ZF and "non-ZF" transmissions:

  • Transmission oil changes incl. filter replacement
  • Oil pan or housing leaks
  • Oil cooler leaks
  • Torque converter replacement
  • Mechatronic replacement

ZF oil change kits are available for ZF-5HP, 6HP, 8HP and other "non-ZF" makes, e.g., Mercedes, VW and Ford.

Here you can find an overview of the supported types of automatic transmissions in our portfolio.

Oil change kit with ZF LifeguardFluid 8

Depending on transmission type, the kits include the following:

  • Seal and separate oil filter or
  • A complete plastic oil pan with integrated oil filter plus suitable seal, mounting screws, magnets and screw plug
  • Included oil (7 bottles of ZF LifeguardFluid, 1 liter each) or
  • Without oil
  • Installation note

Notes for workshops

Useful information for workshops and vehicle owners

ZF LifeguardFluid 9: Shake well
LifeguardFluid 9 shake well for 30 seconds

Please shake the oil bottle for at least 30 seconds before filling it into the transmission. The silicone particles must be well combined with the oil.

Icon wrench

The maintenance intervals of other transmission manufacturers may vary. In any of these cases, please always refer to the instruction provided by the respective automotive manufacturer.

Caution sign

Additives that are added to the oil at a later time – regardless of their type – change the oil in a manner that cannot be calculated and are therefore not permissible.

ZF is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of such additives.

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