Frank Felten

Frank Felten

"MAKING is like WANTING - but just more blatant."


  • Head of Bus Connectivity


  • Graduate Engineer for Urban Planning, Traffic and Transport Engineering
  • Various Roles in Project- and Product-Management for Software Products and Digital Value Added Services (Traffic-Planning/Simulation/Management, Public Transport, Telematics, Logistics)
  • Board Level Responsibility for Product Development at PTV Group (Traffic, Transportation and Logistics Software) and thinkproject (Digital Construction)
  • Chief Product Officer at Germany's Digital Startup of the year 2020, Hawa Dawa (IoT/AI-based Environmental Monitoring)

Interest for the topic:

  • Passionate about digital solutions, conscious regarding sustainability
  • Curious about the best and most agile ways to create products and optimally taylor them to clients needs
  • Prefers a public transport/rail flatrate over personal car and might overtake you on an e-scooter on his way to a customer visit