An article by Philipp Janczewski

December 06, 2022
5 minutes read

How does a planetary gearset work?

Small cog – big impact

The sun as center and engine for the orbits of the planets – this is not only true in astronomy. It is also a central element in today's vehicle part: the planetary gear set. Today I will show you on a model how such a converter is built up and, above all, how the movements of the individual parts affect each other.

As in the solar system, everything depends on the central sun gear, which moves the four planetary gears in one direction or the other. This complex interaction is controlled by shifting elements, which allow the different components and torques to run with or against each other.

You can see exactly how this affects the translation between the sun gear and the planetary gears in my new video!

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Philipp Janczewski

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