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January 24, 2023
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The elementary NMT building blocks

First class service for the New Automotive Customer

By virtue of the specific characteristics of the New Automotive Customers (NAC), which by the way are quite similar to those of the so called retrofitters, it is a matter of course for ZF Aftermarket to meet their requirements with special solutions. For that reason we have developed the New Mobility Toolbox – or short: NMT. The NMT provides a comprehensive set of Services for all demands of the NAC.

It all starts with the necessity of maintenance and diagnosis service. The service network needs this in order to maintain the vehicle. We can open our fully established network to the NAC, needs-based and worldwide. Additionally we do have all warehousing and logistics solutions to provide the rights spare parts to the right workshop just when they need them.

Another important building block is the qualification of the workshops that are part of our service network, both on the new vehicle and on e-mobility in general. This includes setup of training material, provision of training capacities and quality assurance during the trainings. Next to generic knowledge about the vehicle's repair, also the creation of service manuals is a module offered within the NMT.

Last but not least we should mention the warranty service offered by ZF Aftermarket to the NAC, meaning a consolidated case-by-case assessment of possible warranty cases in the workshop, addressed directly to the NAC and documented for them by ZF Aftermarket.

The great advantage of the NMT is the modular availability of the individual components, making the NMT a competitive product. The modularity in combination with the scalability is key to success.

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