Directive on end-of-life Vehicles 2000/53/EG

In accordance with the old vehicle regulation (EU guideline 2000/53/EG) corrosion protection layers on construction units for vehicles of the classes M1 and N1 containing hexavalent chrome (Cr(VI)), are not allowed.

The periods for a conversion of the corrosion protection layers of these construction units are specified as follows in accordance to the decision of the advice of the European Union (2005/673/EG, appendix II) dated September 20th 2005:

  • corrosion protection for construction of vehicles parts 01 July 2007
  • corrosion protection for screws and nuts 01 July 2008

Vehicles, in operation before July 1st 2003, according to the decision of the European Union (2005/63/EG) from January 24th 2005, are excluded.

ZF Aftermarket will have converted all products, which are affected by the European Union guideline, by the end of the periods to alternative chrome-VI free corrosion protection layers.

This conversion ensures that we will furthermore meet our high requirement of corrosion protection.

Commission Regulation (EU) No 461/2010

Products of our brands ZF, LEMFÖRDER, SACHS, TRW, WABCO and BOGE distributed by us are spare parts in terms of Article 1 Clause (1) h) of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 461/2010, dated May 27th 2010 and meet the criteria of Clauses (19) and/or (20) of the Supplementary guidelines on vertical restraints in agreements for the sale and repair of motor vehicles and for the distribution of spare parts for motor vehicles regarding the aforementioned Commission Regulation.