“Cookies” are small text files that are stored by your web browser on your computer's hard drive. They allow ZF to store such things as user preferences. The ZF Aftermarket Websites uses both session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that expire (and are automatically erased) when you close your browser. Persistent cookies stay in your browser until they expire or until you delete them.

Cookies allow us to recognise your device (e.g. your laptop or mobile device) so that your experience of our ZF Aftermarket websites can be tailored to your device. Cookies do not typically identify you as an individual, just the device you are using. We use cookies to save information such as passwords and preferences so you don’t have to re-enter it each time you visit our ZF Aftermarket websites, to deliver content tailored to your interests and to optimise the performance of the ZF Aftermarket websites. The information connected with the cookie can also be visitors' preferences and record session information, such as pages visited, interactions with the ZF Aftermarket websites features, time spent on our ZF Aftermarket websites and language preference.

Most internet browsers allow you to block cookies from your browser. If you do not agree to the use of these cookies please disable them by following the instructions for your browser set out here: www.allaboutcookies.org or use the automated disabling tool where available. However, some of the services in relation to the ZF Aftermarket websites will not function well if cookies are disabled.

Below, we have provided a list of the categories of cookies used on our ZF Aftermarket websites, and a description of what these cookies do. Some of these cookies are essential to the operation of the ZF Aftermarket websites. Others are not essential, but help us to improve our ZF Aftermarket websites by collecting anonymous user information, or try and improve your experience of our ZF Aftermarket websites by remembering your choices.

We use the following types of cookies:

Technical mandatory cookies which enable services and applications you have specifically asked for

We use certain cookies which are essential to the operation of our ZF Aftermarket websites. For example, these types of cookies enable you to log into secure areas of our ZF Aftermarket websites, provide the necessary security your visit to our ZF Aftermarket websites requires, and help ensure the content of the pages you request loads quickly. Without these cookies, ZF Aftermarket websites services that you have asked for cannot be provided as required.

The use of these cookies implicates processing the following type of data: [anonymous browser session ID, permission groups, user ID]. As far as this data must be considered personal data, the processing is based on statutory provisions which justify this on the ground that the processing is necessary to provide the requested ZF Aftermarket websites services.

Functionality Cookies – which remember your choices to improve your experience

These cookies allow our ZF Aftermarket websites to remember choices you make, such as remembering your preferred language, the type of device you are using, the region you are in. The aim of these cookies is to provide you with a more personal experience so that you don't have to reset your preferences each time you visit the ZF Aftermarket websites. As described above, you may disable any of these functional cookies; but if you do so, then various functions of our ZF Aftermarket websites may be unavailable to you or may not work the way you want them to.

The use of these cookies implicates processing the following type of data: [device ID, preferred language, preferred country, navigation history]. As far as this data must be considered personal data, the processing is based on statutory provisions which justify this on the ground that (1) the processing is necessary to provide the requested ZF Aftermarket websites services; or (2) ZF has a legitimate interest in ensuring the functionality of the ZF Aftermarket websites and that it is tailored to the user’s needs.

Performance/ analytics Cookies: – which collect pseudonymous information about the web pages you visit

These cookies collect information about how visitors use our ZF Aftermarket websites, for example, which pages our visitors go to most often, and if they get error messages on those pages. These performance cookies don't collect information that identifies you as an individual – all information they collect is aggregated and pseudonymous. We do not associate usage data collected through these cookies with personal data which you may have provided when registering for a ZF account (e.g. your name).

On the ZF Aftermarket websites, we use technologies Piwik PRO GmbH (https://piwik.pro/privacy/) to collect and store data about your use of the ZF Aftermarket websites for the purposes of optimization of the ZF Aftermarket websites services and marketing. Usage profiles may be created from this data under a pseudonym using cookies.

As far as this data must be considered personal data, the processing is based on statutory provisions which justify this on the ground that (1) ZF has a legitimate interest that the ZF Aftermarket websites are tailored to the user’s needs; or (2) the data is used in pseudonymous form for the purpose of marketing and optimization purposes and the user has not objected to this use.

Privacy settings

Third party Cookies: – which collect information for third parties

For the purpose of embedding video clips into our ZF Websites, we use services provided by Kaltura, Inc [https://corp.kaltura.com/]. By default, the Kaltura video player does not use any cookies. However, Kaltura supplied plugins and other third-party player plugins may use cookies. The cookies used by third party plugins are controlled by the third parties. Please check with Kaltura for a description of the cookies used in their plugins and respective third parties cookies: List of Cookies Used in KMS and the Kaltura Player | Kaltura Knowledge | Privacy Policy | Kaltura

List of cookies we use

Technical mandatory cookies

Domain Name Duration
aftermarket.zf.com aftermarket 1 month
aftermarket.zf.com ioo_is_Validtoken 1 hour
aftermarket.zf.com ioo_shop_status 10 hours
aftermarket.zf.com ioo_sanatext 5 hours
aftermarket.zf.com RefreshTokenRetryCount Session
aftermarket.zf.com NewTokenRetryCount Session
aftermarket.zf.com lemfoerder 1 month
aftermarket.zf.com cookieConsent 1 year
aftermarket.zf.com zfap_cookie_banner 10.000 days
aftermarket.zf.com login_flyout 1 day
piwik.pro ppms_privacy_<applID> 12 months
www.trwaftermarket.com ASP.NET_SessionId Session

Technical mandatory + personalised cookies

Domain Name Duration
aftermarket.zf.com ioo_last_viewd_items 1 year
aftermarket.zf.com ioo_desable_dates 5 hours
aftermarket.zf.com BIGipServerpool-protech-portal Session
aftermarket.zf.com JSESSIONID Session
aftermarket.zf.com SelectedLanguageId Session
aftermarket.zf.com gt-* 10.000 days
qualtrics.com Site History Session n/a
qualtrics.com QSI_SI_<id>_intercept Persistent. Expires based on Intercept settings.

Analytics cookies

Domain Name Duration
aftermarket.zf.com pk_id 13 months
aftermarket.zf.com _pk_ses 30 months
aftermarket.zf.com stg_last_interaction 12 months
aftermarket.zf.com stg_returning_visitor 12 months
aftermarket.zf.com stg_traffic_source_priority 1 hour
aftermarket.zf.com stg_externalReferrer Session
.trwaftermarket.com _ga 2 years
.trwaftermarket.com _gid 1 day
.trwaftermarket.com _gcl_au 3 months
.trwaftermarket.com _gat 1 minute
www.trwaftermarket.com EPi_NumberOfVisits Maximum value
.wabco-solutioncentre.com _ga 2 years
.wabco-solutioncentre.com _gid 1 day
.wabco-solutioncentre.com _gat_UA-201270406-1 1 minute
.wabco-solutioncentre.com _ga 2 years
.wabco-solutioncentre.com _gid 1 day
.wabco-solutioncentre.com AKA_A2 1 hour
go.wabco-auto.com pardot past

Third party cookies

Domain Name Duration
aftermarket.zf.com TS014b0129 1 day
*.google.com _GRECAPTCHA 6 months
*.google.com CONSENT Maximum value
doubleclick.net test_cookie
doubleclick.net IDE
pool.admedo.com tuuid 1 year
pool.admedo.com c 1 year
pool.admedo.com tuuid_lu 1 year
.facebook.com fr 3 months
.trwaftermarket.com _fbp 3 months
www.trwaftermarket.com epslanguage 1 year
www.trwaftermarket.com TS019d52f6 Session
www.trwaftermarket.com ppms_privacy_a0072073-e31f-4da8-974e-6cec26eab52a 1 year
go.wabco-auto.com visitor_id171632 6 months
go.wabco-auto.com visitor_id171632-hash 6 months
wabco-solutioncentre.com ppms_privacy_ed42c107-28b5-4988-b3f6-bba471ceeacc 1 year
.wabco-customercentre.com _dc_gtm_UA-36546149-5 1 minute
www.wabco-customercentre.com CookieConsentPolicy 1 year
www.wabco-customercentre.com LSKey-c$CookieConsentPolicy 1 year
www.wabco-customercentre.com apex__cclgtkn Session
www.wabco-customercentre.com apex__cc_anonymous_Currency Session
www.wabco-customercentre.com apex__cc_anonymous_Country Session
www.wabco-customercentre.com ppms_privacy_235c52c6-8fa0-4475-b2d4-9387191a63a8 1 year
www.wabco-customercentre.com pctrk 1 year
clarity.ms _clck 1 year
clarity.ms _clsk 1 day
clarity.ms CLID 1 year
clarity.ms ANONCHK 10 minutes
clarity.ms MR end of session
clarity.ms MUID 1 year 24 days
clarity.ms SM end of session
www.trwaftermarket.com _fbc 3 months
kaltura.com gnidargitl_{entryID} 5 hours
kaltura.com groupSyncing 1 year
kaltura.com groupSyncing-error 1 year
kaltura.com JobsInProgress 1 hour
kaltura.com kas-eds 7 days
kaltura.com kms_auth_id 2 minutes - 1 year
kaltura.com kms-contrast 10 years
kaltura.com kms_ctamuls session
kaltura.com kms-locale 10 years
kaltura.com ldapwizard session
kaltura.com styling_preview_enabled session
kaltura.com smartbanner_exited 10 seconds
kaltura.com xapi-user-login-done 10 seconds