Attention: Even after the high voltage system has been shut down, all work may only be carried out by trained personnel. For all non-electrical work, instruction according to DGUV Information 200-006 is recommended! ZF offers individually designed high voltage training for your workshop.

Important to consider!

Always observe manufacturer's instructions when changing the oil on hybrid transmissions.

All shown steps are exemplary only and don't replace detailed instructions for all vehicles.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Oil change 1

Step 1

Enclose the vehicle with a barrier tape to prevent unauthorised access.

Oil change 2

Step 2

Store the vehicle key safely and at a sufficient distance (at least 5m for KeyLessGo).

Oil change 3

Step 3

Attach the appropriate high voltage status indicator (HV system active) to the vehicle to signal the status of the high voltage system.

Oil change 4

Step 4

Shut down the high voltage system. Attention: Always consider the manufacturer’s specifications and waiting times until the system is switched off!

Oil change 5

Step 5

Secure the vehicle against unintentional restart. For this purpose, a lock is attached to the Service Disconnect plug and a sign to prevent unauthorized switch-on.

Oil change 6

Step 6

After successful deactivation of the high voltage system, the green high voltage status plate can be attached to the vehicle.

Oil change 7

Step 7

Remove the underride guard from the vehicle to gain access to the necessary components.

Oil change 8

Step 8

Remove the oil drain plug and drain the old oil. Take a sample to check the condition of the oil.

Oil change 9

Step 9

Remove the oil pan and filter and visually inspect the oil. The magnet in the oil pan indicates the amount of abrasion in the oil.

Oil change 10

Step 10

Assemble the new oil pan and filter.

Oil change 11

Step 11

Fill the oil pump with the appropriate ZF LifeguardFluid.

Oil change 12

Step 12

Control the transmission oil temperature with the ZF Smart Service App from mechatronics.

Oil change 13

Step 13

Fill in the ZF LifeguardFluid with help of the oil pump. Please be careful.

Oil change 14

Step 14

Measure the gear oil temperature again to adjust the gear oil level. The oil level is set correctly when there is no more oil dripping from the vehicle and no more oil can be filled in.

Oil change 15

Step 15

Install the underride guard, activate the high voltage system and carry out a test drive.

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