Welcome teaser

A warm Welcome

Offer a comfortable, clean and tidy customer reception with friendly staff. This tells your customers that you are professional and deliver a highstandard of work. Consider providing a TV, complimentary hot drinks, waterand free Wi-Fi to keep your waiting customer happy.

Service Teaser

Ask all the right questions

Gather as much information as possible about the customer (name, contact details), the vehicle (registration number and history), the job (what needs to be done) and other necessary details (e.g. regarding the guarantee or insurance), and suggest a time frame for performing the work.

This enables you to:

  • Connect with the customer.
  • Make it quicker and easier for the mechanic to solve problems.
  • Deliver a fast, efficient repair that pleases the customer.
added benefit teaser

Offer an added benefit

A free add-on service is sure to please your customer, so why not offer a complimentary Vehicle Health Check? This will give customers peace of mind and highlight any issues that they may not be aware of.

trw ebook on customer service

Customer Service E-Book

Discover useful tips to help you deliver excellent customer service.