Brake fluid bleeder

Everything we make is designed to be not just the best quality option available but also the easiest to use. That’s why the TRW Aftermarket Brake Bleeder makes the draining and filling of brake fluid a safe, rapid process without fuss or mess.

TRW brake fluid bleeder

The two models both provide a range of key advantages, from a single simple device:

  • Effortless mess-free draining, every time
  • Works with alternative adaptors in conjunction with the TRW Adaptor Kit
  • Euro Adaptor included in the box
  • Two Electric Brake Bleeding designs in 20-litre and 5-litre capacity
  • Options for both ABS and Hydro-electric brake technology

Electric effort and effortless brake bleeding

We’ve developed two Electric Brake Bleeding Units with different capacities: the 20-litre Brake Bleeder and 5-litre Brake Bleeder. Naturally, they both perform seamlessly and transform this messy, routine work into a quick and precise safety task. Neither of these reliable units uses compressed air, and they both have an automatic ‘stop’ function that activates when the container is empty, which contributes to operational life and reliability.

A wheeled and easily portable design, the 230 volt electric, 20-litre Brake Bleeder [Part Number: YCB351] allows you to achieve quick set up and easy access to the vehicle. This is further enhanced by the 3.5 metre service hose which works under 0 – 4 bar pressure. The 20-litre Brake Bleeder is designed to work with either ABS or Hydro-electric brake systems, so you can serve a greater number of vehicles.

Weighing just 6 kg, the 5-litre Brake Bleeder [Part Number:YCB350] is portable enough to use around your workshop wherever it’s needed. Despite this convenient compactness, this 230 volt model still provides good capacity and the features that count, such as a 3.5 metre hose that works under 0 – 4 bar pressure. Like the 20-litre Brake Bleeder, this versatile design works with ABS and Hydro-electric braking technology.

To minimise delays and complications, we also include the Euro Adaptor. Now you can get straight down to work wherever you are. The full range of Adaptors, covering all territories, is available in the ultra-versatile Adaptor Kit [Part Number: YCB352].

Our objective in making the fitting process as seamless and straightforward as it can be is clear: to help you get the maximum from your TRW Brake Fluid Bleeder with minimal time wasted, and in total safety.

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