SACHS offers a great variety of products for the passenger car and light commercial vehicle sector, such as shock absorbers, clutches and complementary products. All SACHS products are manufactured from high-quality materials and are extremely reliable and durable. With SACHS, car drivers travel on the safe side.

SACHS Performance: tuning products for aspiring race drivers

SACHS Performance products feature high-quality coilover suspensions and clutches for tuning vehicles.

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SACHS Performance Camaro

Clutch kit with DMF and XTend

The practical SACHS installation kit includes all relevant spare parts for the clutch replacement. This guarantees a simplified assembly and the longest possible service life of the clutch components, which are fine-tuned to one another.

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SACHS clutch kit with dmf and xtend

Shock absorbers

SACHS shock absorbers for passenger cars: enhanced safety and driving comfort.

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SACHS shock absorbers

Clutches, clutch kits, XTend

Reliable and powerful: SACHS clutches for passenger cars.

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SACHS clutch

Modular suspension struts and shock absorbers

ZF Aftermarket has introduced a new product with an innovation in suspension strut and shock absorber production. The newly developed component has initially been developed exclusively for the aftermarket.

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SACHS modular dampers teaser

Dual-mass flywheel (DMF)

The SACHS dual-mass flywheel (DMF) for passenger cars: vibration reduction in all speed ranges.

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SACHS dual mass flywheel

Fan clutch

Added comfort and environmental benefits: Fan clutches for passenger cars reduce the fan speed by activating or deactivating the fan in the vehicle, depending on the current cooling needs.

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SACHS fan clutch teaser

Passenger car torque converters

Torque converters are an essential part of every automatic transmission. They do the job of a conventional clutch and ensure high comfort at low fuel consumption.

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SACHS torque converters

Complementary products

From Suspension Springs to Service Kits: Complementary Products for Passenger Cars.

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SACHS complementary products for passenger cars

Clutch actuation systems

From clutch cable to CSC: Clutch actuation systems for passenger cars.

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SACHS clutch actuation system