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Sign up for an upcoming session with ZF Aftermarket. Take an hour to learn valuable information on ZF transmissions, suspension technologies and more, hosted by ASE certified ZF Technical Trainers. It's knowledge from the pros, for you, the pros.

Mechanics, hydraulics and electronic controls are all merged into the modern ZF automatic transmission. Take an hour with us to focus on the hydraulic operation inside these automatic transmissions and how electronic signals are converted into hydro static pressures. This conversion tunes the transmission operation in shift quality and fuel efficiency.

At the core, this is a hydraulics class that starts from the ground up providing a better understanding of hydro statics in action.

Noise has always been a major concern when technicians are completing a brake job. After a drive test, you’ve heard the noise. Now it’s time to figure out the source.

Essential understanding of brake noise starts with identification. The ability to classify the source will allow for determination of the appropriate solution. Through learning the concepts of brake boosters, master brake cylinders, brake pads, calipers, rotors, and drums, technicians will learn diagnostic methods to make the right identification.

A brake class isn’t complete without the introduction to the basics of electrical park brake systems and different versions technicians may encounter. The training introduction is focused on how to electrically release the park brake sys¬tem, and the steps to take if mechanical release is needed.

From mechanical energy to hydraulic energy to multiplied mechanical energy: take an hour and learn the principals of the 2 and 3-way torque converters from ZF.

From fluid flow to lock up, from start up to coupling faze: Improve your diagnostic skills just be learning how to interpret the wear pattern.

Have you looked under a car recently and wondered why there seems to be more control arms than you’re used to or noticed that the steering rack is electro-mechanical now? That rack could have been missing the hydraulic pump since 2012.

Take an hour and ensure you’re up to speed on today’s chassis systems and understand the correlation between this system and electro-mechanical parts. ZF has developed and produced chassis systems for many OEMs. The high percentage of OE business allows technicians to go on a deep dive into why control arm counts are increasing and learn how to interpret fault codes and steering data in order to properly diagnose and service chassis systems.

Our trainings details at a glance

8HP Transmission Training Overview

This training will take a look at the common problems that technicians encounter everyday in their daily work on the ZF 8HP transmission. ZF Technical Trainer will provide solutions and tips to aid technicians on the daily.

Participants will have a tangible experience with the shifting matrix. The presenter will explain what an adaptation is and how to read it with a general diagnostic tool. In addition, the Limp Home function and coding issues will be discussed. Internal shift and external transmission faults will be presented. Through the use of these learning methods, common errors can be quickly diagnosed.

transmission training

After completing this training the participant will be able to:

  • List internal components of the 8HP transmission and describe the function of the torque converter and lock up clutch
  • Describe differences between pressure regulators and soleno and identify the torque flow of all gears and further the common failure of the ZF 8HPon
  • Identify the different characteristics of pressure regulators
  • Explain the shifting strategy of the ZF 8HP and differentiate between mechatronic types
  • Explain an oil change service procedure and analyze transmission adaptation values
  • Review the disassembly and assembly process of the transmission and identify special tools needed for disassembly and assembly of the unit
  • Review the disassembly and assembly process of the transmissi and explain how to properly check the oil in the transmission
  • Identify special tools needed for disassembly and assembly of the unit
hv training

High voltage Trainings

Be prepared to serve the electric vehicle parc of the future with ZF. Become an Electrically Instructed Person with our new certified online training and ZF expertise!

You will be sensitizsed and instructed in handling high voltage systems in order to enable you to work safely on the vehicle. The aim of the training is to ensure that you can immediately and clearly identify the high voltage components, understand the hazards they pose and are familiar with the component markings. The exact training contents can be viewed here.