Transmission expertise at first hand

ZF supplies you with all the components you need for oil changes, from high-quality ZF LifeguardFluid transmission oil to complete oil change kits for individual automatic transmissions. ZF also offers you an extensive range of services:

  • hands-on training courses
  • Smart Service
  • Expertise from diagnosis to installation of a replacement transmission

This way, you can be sure that the transmission oil change will go smoothly - for conventional drives as well as for modern hybrid models.

ZF Service Point

Have your transmission service carried out at the ZF Service Point.

ZF LifeguardFluid

The right transmission oil for automatic transmissions

Each transmission is specially designed to meet the requirements of the vehicle in which it is installed. In the same way, every ZF transmission fluid with its special additives is perfectly matched to the respective transmission.

With ZF LifeguardFluids, you make the right choice for your vehicle - and your wallet:

  • Perfect shifting behavior and vibration-free operation
  • Prevention of transmission failures and general malfunctions
  • Reduced wear on heavily stressed components
  • Optimized viscosity for maximum fuel economy and lower CO₂ emissions
  • Reliable care over the entire service life of the vehicle
  • 100% compatible thanks to original quality

Do not compromise!

You will find the right oil for your car or van transmission in the TE-ML 11 lubricant list: Download TE_ML 11 List

Our ZF LifeguardFluid transmission oils are available in the following container sizes:

ZF LifeguardFluid 5 ZF LifeguardFluid 6 ZF LifeguardFluid 7.1 MB ATF ZF LifeguardFluid 7.2 MB ATF ZF LifeguardFluid 8 ZF LifeguardFluid 9
1 liter bottle 1 liter bottle 1 liter bottle 1 liter bottle 1 liter bottle 1 liter bottle
20 liter canister 20 liter canister 20 liter canister
210 liter drum 209 liter drum 209 liter drum
1000-l-IBC 1000-l-IBC 1000-l-IBC

Safety and data sheets

Do you need the appropriate oil data sheets? Download the suitable documents you are interested.

All in one

Oil change kits from ZF

Save time searching for the last matching sealing ring!

The ZF oil change kits for automatic transmissions for cars and vans contain everything you need for a professional oil change - optimally matched to your transmission type. Our oil change kits are available for ZF 5HP, 6HP, 8HP as well as for other makes.

change kit

The right place

Where ZF oil change kits are used for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles:

  • Transmission oil changes incl. filter replacement
  • Oil pan or housing leaks
  • Oil cooler leaks
  • Torque converter replacement
  • Mechatronic replacement

All components in ZF OEM quality and immediately at hand, saving working time in the workshop and waiting time for the vehicle owner.

Our oil change kits for automatic transmissions

change kit

Included in the kit:

  • New oil pan seal
  • Oil filter
  • Permanent magnets
  • Metal and plastic screws


7 bottles of ZF LifeguardFluid 5 (1 liter each)

Our kits are also available for aggregates of other manufacturers such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and Ford. In our product catalog you will find the right kit with or without oil for every need.

Step by step instructions for transmission oil change

Our service competence on transmissions

FAQ about oil change and transmission oil

Frequently asked questions about oil and oil change kits

On our FAQ page you will find a variety of information and answers to frequently asked questions.