What we offer

Cost Effectiveness

Make fleet monitoring decisions based on knowledge - saving time and money as a result.

Increased Safety

Better driving practices and remote vehicle inspection for increased passenger safety.


A connectivity solution with more product packages and high integration possibilities - ideal for hybrid and electric fleets.

Fleet management for you

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The Benefits

  • Optimization of operation and processes
  • High integration capabilities
  • Fuel efficiency increase
  • Ready for electric and hybrid buses
  • Global presence
  • Ideal for mixed fleets
  • Pro-active remote vehicle inspection
  • Increased passenger safety
  • Flexible Data Link to log and transfer data
  • Area based speeding monitoring
  • Advanced evaluation of driving style

Insight overview

Fleet Management Solutions

Find the solution for you

Find out more about our three different packages, with various add-ons to protect, connect and improve any fleet.

ZF Bus Connect

New user looking to start their connectivity journey

  • Single powerful connectivity gateway for mixed fleet and electric vehicles
  • Live view of fleets and vehicles along with logbook of driven routes
  • Introduction to data analytics with consumption monitor and brake check

Already a ZF Bus connect user, looking for advanced feature

  • Improve driving practices with Profidriver and compliance ensured with digital download
  • Proacitve vehicle inspection and remote diagnostics with vehicle inspector
  • Access to rich data analytics
  • Configureable user interface, thresholds and alerts, export to multiple formats and more

Already a ZF bus connect user, looking for custom-designed features

  • Access to raw vehicle data and live data transmission to any cloud
  • Complete flexibility to define data clusters, configurations, formats etc.
  • Tailor-made solutions with custom analytics
  • Alerts and notifications based on geo-fenced zone

Smart hardware, simple process

  • State-of-the-art hardware
  • Electronic log of all data
  • Easily installed onboard units
  • Open intelligent connectivity solution
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Easy data management

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Success Stories

ZF Bus Connect has already helped many fleet operators improve their productivity and reduce their costs though enhanced data and connectivity. Read about some of our success stories below.

Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited

Learn how Kwoon Chung (1,200 vehicles) were able to integrate precision positioning and driving performance monitoring with ZF Bus Connect.

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Richard Eberhardt GmbH

Find out more about our three different packages, with various add-ons to protect, connect and improve any fleet.

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ZF Bus Connect helped this Bogota-based rapid transport system (701 m. passengers annually) improve overall efficiency and cashflow.

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