The return of commercial vehicle used parts in exchange for the refund of a deposit and their industrial remanufacturing have developed into a worldwide trend. The approach is simple: When replacing the used part, the workshop puts it back into the original packaging of the spare part and recycles it via the wholesale channel. In doing so, it supplies the raw material for remanufacturing and drives a sustainable, future-oriented concept.

Requirements for the return of commercial vehicle used parts at a glance

The cores must be included in the returns list and meet a number of technical minimum requirements in order to be approved for the remanufacturing process. Therefore, it must be ensured that the products:

  • are complete and not disassembled
  • do not exhibit any mechanical damage to the housing
  • do not exhibit severe corrosion

Returning cores via the Single European Programme (SEP)

The return of SACHS cores is managed via the Single European Programme (SEP). SEP reliably and safely takes cores through the remanufacturing process. Together with SEP, workshops and ZF Aftermarket can thus contribute significantly to resource conservation, environmental protection and sustainability.

The Single European Programme ensures that only SACHS cores enter remanufacturing. This successfully prevents the use of cores by other brands, which often do not comply with the strict SACHS quality criteria. This means that we can guarantee the highest SACHS quality for every remanufactured SACHS product.

Returning SACHS cores is convenient and simple: The workshop simply sends an e-mail requesting that the cores are picked up by the respective logistics partner in their country. The cores must all be packaged on standard one-way pallets. The payload must weigh at least 30 kg and must not exceed a maximum of 500 kg.

Workshops can contact their respective ZF Aftermarket customer manager with any questions about technical requirements and demands on quality of cores or for information on the current redemption prices.

Requirements for returns at a glance

  • Request pick up from the respective logistics
  • Pack cores in cardboard boxes on standard one-way pallets
  • Pallet weight: min. 30 kg, max 500 kg
  • Make sure that only core parts have been packed
  • Select packaging so that damage is prevented