In case of defective or worn DMFs we recommend the SACHS testing tool to check the dual-mass flywheel: The DMF testing tool for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles enables easy and reliable dual-mass flywheel diagnosis and inspections of DMFs in installed or disassembled condition.

Among other things, the SACHS DMF testing tool for dual-mass flywheels checks the free travel of the torsional damper, the evenness of its spring force, the axial bearing conditions as well as the displacement travel of the radial bearing point.

Please note that this special tool for dual-mass flywheel tests and dual-mass flywheel diagnosis was designed specifically for DMFs by the SACHS product brand. Dual-mass flywheels by other brands require other DMF tools and can therefore not be checked using this one. The same applies for dual-mass flywheels with a transfer plate as well as those for dual clutch transmissions. These too cannot be checked with this tool due to their design.

The part number of the DMF inspection tool is 4200 080 563. For further information, please consult our WebCat online catalog. Enter the part number in the search box at the bottom edge of the browser.

Scope of supply

  • 1 DMF supporting fixture (profile rail with stop, base plate and holder, as well as 2 slot nuts in sizes M10 and M9)
  • 2 cap screws M8 x 12.0 mm
  • 2 spacer bolts per size M6, M7, M8
  • 2 cap screws M9 x 30 mm
  • 2 cap screws M10 x 30 mm
  • 1 lever with brackets
  • 1 lever with extension
  • 2 flywheel blocking tools
  • 1 set of operating instructions
  • Plastic carry case

Dual-mass flywheels (DMF)

The dual-mass flywheel (DMF) is one of SACHS’s most popular car spares.

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