Especially in the commercial vehicle sector, where cost-effectiveness is particularly important and downtimes need to be kept as low as possible, quick, professional assembly is in high demand. The SACHS clutch centering tool kit for trucks effectively supports workshops in reaching these aims.

Whether single or twin plate clutches, the SACHS clutch centering tool kit for trucks enables quick and easy centering. Adjustment is centered via the pilot bearing in the crankshaft.

The part number for the clutch centering tool kit is 4200 080 562. For further information, please consult our WebCat online catalog. Enter the part number in the search box at the bottom edge of the browser.

Scope of supply

  • 1 clutch centering pin, size 1 – Ø 36.0 – 45.0 mm
  • 1 clutch centering pin, size 2 – Ø 42.0 – 52.0 mm
  • 1 centering piece – Ø 20.0 mm
  • 1 centering piece – Ø 25.0 mm
  • 1 centering piece – Ø 27.0 mm
  • 1 centering piece – Ø 30.0 mm
  • 1 set of operating instructions
  • Plastic carry case