SACHS release forks are the first choice of responsible commercial vehicle workshops and fleet operators looking for a cost-effective solution. The use of SACHS products allows you to effectively avoid early failures of the driveline and thus prevent expensive downtimes.

SACHS release forks for CV (commercial vehicles) stand out because of their many advantages

How does a clutch release fork work? The release fork is largely responsible for the functioning of a clutch. When a release fork functions properly, it transmits the release force from the clutch booster to the release bearing. Because of the permanent load on the fork, it is naturally prone to wear and tear. This is why top material and processing quality are extremely important in a release fork.

SACHS release forks for CV are...

  • always state of the art
  • manufactured in OE quality
  • extremely durable
  • available for all common commercial vehicle models
  • quick to install thanks to the practical assembly kit

OE quality for optimal durability: SACHS release forks for commercial vehicles.

SACHS clutch release OE quality for optimal durability: SACHS release forks for commercial vehicles.

Twice as cost-effective – thanks to quick assembly and optimal durability.

SACHS does not only offer better quality and expertise, they also provide best-in-class service and, therefore, offer the SACHS clutch release fork in a practical assembly kit. The kit includes all necessary components for installation, such as shafts, seals and screws, enabling a simple and time-saving assembly.

On top of that, the professional logistics of ZF Aftermarket with its comprehensive service network of 650 partners worldwide ensures very short delivery times.