In addition to pressure plates, clutch disks and flywheels, SACHS also offers high-quality release systems for buses and trucks – with the pneumatic clutch actuation system SACHS ConAct leading the way. It ensures maximum ease of operation with particularly low wear when engaging and disengaging the clutch as well as when switching gears.

SACHS ConAct automated clutch actuation system

As an automated clutch actuation system, it effectively reduces strain on the driver, increases convenience greatly and can be easily integrated into electropneumatic driveline management.

The advantages of SACHS ConAct are both diverse and compelling. It protects the clutch and transmission gear for gear, thus increasing their service life, and activates whenever a gear is shifted. The other advantages of the release system lie in the actuation of clutches for up to 3,200 Nm motor torque and in reducing the interfaces outside the transmission. The pneumatic clutch actuator simplifies the assembly of the clutch thanks to its streamlined design. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced due to the elimination of hydraulics and lower system weight.

Pneumatic clutch actuation system SACHS ConAct

ConAct system design

The ConAct pneumatic clutch actuator contains a release cylinder, which is positioned concentrically around the transmission input shaft and replaces the widespread fork actuation with clutch booster, fork and clutch release bearing.

SACHS ConAct is suitable for fully automatic systems and clutch-by-wire applications. In automated transmissions, the system automatically determines the engine and transmission speed data from the CAN bus. From the accelerator pedal position, conclusions can be drawn regarding the optimal releasing position. This works even in demanding driving situations such as maneuvering, launching and shifting on hills with a heavy load or on a slick road. Driven by the vehicle electronics, the solenoid valve controls the clutch actuation system.

Technical design of the pneumatic clutch actuation system SACHS ConAct

1. Travel sensor

2. Electropneumatic control valve

3. Transmission or vehicle electronics

4. ConAct® release cylinder

5. Clutch disk

6. Pressure plate

7. Transmission input shaft

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