SACHS truck clutches and truck clutch parts stand for performance, endurance and reliability. To make sure that commercial vehicles and their payloads arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Truck clutches

SACHS clutches and clutch parts for commercial vehicles are manufactured using premium materials and are particularly durable. Remanufacturing is even taken into consideration during the design of the clutch. SACHS truck clutches are specially tailored to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers. The truck clutch construction is characterized by the ideal transmission of power from the engine to the road, meaning that the performance of the vehicle is fully utilized. The fact that over 170 million SACHS clutches, truck clutch kits and truck clutch plates have been sold demonstrates the long-standing experience and the high level of competence of the specialists and the market leader in this sector. Furthermore, SACHS commercial vehicle clutches meet the latest environmental standards. The use of facings that are free from asbestos and lead is a standard feature, as is the compliance with REACH.

SACHS offers a wide range of clutch solutions from truck clutch plates and concentric slave cylinders to truck clutch kits that contain all replacement components needed and has been successfully active in the field of clutch remanufacturing for many years.

SACHS clutch for trucks with pre-assembled clutch release bearing

SACHS clutch for trucks with pre-assembled clutch release bearing

SACHS truck clutch CV SACHS clutch for trucks with pre-assembled clutch release bearing

Environmentally-friendly clutch facings for less wear and tear

A special facing is used for SACHS clutch disks with the sizes 362 mm, 395 mm, 400 mm und 430 mm. It is particularly strong and thermally stable. This innovative clutch facing protects the friction surface of the flywheel and significantly decreases wear and tear which contributes crucially to the economic efficiency of trucks.

SACHS clutch facings are produced under environmentally-friendly conditions and without the use of critical material such as mercury. Additionally, no solvents whatsoever are used in the production process. The use of facings that are free from asbestos and lead is a standard feature, as is the compliance with REACH.

Truck clutch release bearings

SACHS offers high-quality truck clutch release bearings. They feature innovative protective mechanisms, which sustainably minimize vehicle failures.

SACHS clutch release bearings

SACHS clutch release bearings

SACHS clutch release bearing SACHS clutch release bearings

Construction of the clutch pressure plate

The XTend truck pressure plate separates facing wear from the movement of the diaphragm spring. The compensation mechanism constantly registers the reduction in facing thickness and reliably compensates this distance by turning an adjusting ring. This ensures a constant balance of forces and extends the service life because the facings can be subjected to more wear. The SACHS XTend design provides an additional advantage: In case of operational wear, the axial installation space required for the clutch pressure plate to function is reduced thanks to the application of SACHS XTend.

XTend clutch pressure plate

XTend clutch pressure plate

SACHS XTend clutch pressure plate XTend clutch pressure plate

Rigid flywheels

In addition to the DMF, SACHS offers rigid flywheels for all common vehicle types.

Clutch remanufacturing

The SACHS company is a leader in the field of clutch remanufacturing, even and especially in the commercial vehicle sector. Remanufactured clutches for trucks meet the highest demands in terms of quality, service life and innovation. Unlike products from imitators, SACHS remanufactures clutches using its know-how as an original equipment manufacturer. This means that each product receives a free upgrade during the remanufacturing process and is state of the art. For remanufactured SACHS products, the same warranty agreements apply as for new parts.

The return of cores is managed via the Single European Programme (SEP). SEP ensures that only SACHS cores enter remanufacturing. This successfully prevents the use of cores by other brands, which often do not comply with the strict SACHS quality criteria. This means that we can guarantee the highest SACHS quality for every remanufactured SACHS product.

Workshops can contact their respective ZF Aftermarket customer manager with any questions about technical requirements and demands on quality of cores or for information on the current redemption prices.

FAQ about XTend

The reason is that the clutch pressure plate adapts to the disk.

First, loosen the stop bolt at the pressure plate prior to dismantling. However, do not completely unscrew the stop bolt! Now, the fastening screws of the pressure plate can be loosened. When reinstalling the pressure plate, make sure the positioning pin of the stop is in the locating hole of the pressure plate. Finally, retighten the stop bolt with the specified torque.