Shocks play an essential role in ensuring the safety of vehicles and occupants. In addition, dampers for buses need to meet complex requirements, ranging from changing payload weights to different types of routes and from freeways and heavy city traffic to steep serpentines.

In all of these conditions, SACHS shock absorbers for buses ensure optimum road contact, guaranteeing stable cornering, perfect maneuverability, effective braking performance and extreme durability.

Shock absorbers for buses

SACHS bus shock absorbers are high-quality spare parts which guarantee optimum damping on all routes. Together with the spring, they form the link between the steering knuckle and the body. While the suspension springs compensate for unevenness in the road, shock absorbers reduce the vibrations of the suspension springs, slowing them down – thus successfully ensuring vital contact with the road.

No matter what kind of bus it is – city bus or coach, simple bus or articulated bus – the chassis needs to provide maximum performance. As a classic commercial vehicle, buses need to operate not only reliably but also economically. This is why SACHS bus shock absorbers were designed for exceptional durability.

SACHS dampers for buses

Clutches and clutch kits for buses

Safety on the road with SACHS bus clutches and clutch kits.

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SACHS bus clutch

DMF for trucks and commercial vehicles

Vibration reduction for trucks: SACHS dual-mass flywheel (DMF).

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Greater convenience – less wear: the pneumatic clutch actuation system SACHS ConAct.

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