SACHS CDC (Continuous Damping Control) is the variable damping system for commercial vehicles. With conventional dampers, the damping characteristic curve is set at the factory and cannot be changed. With SACHS CV CDC dampers, on the other hand, electronically adjustable dampers adjust the damping force on all four wheels in real time to the respective driving situation.

Truck CDC dampers offer numerous advantages: they make driving more controllable, more convenient, more relaxed – and feature more safety.

Proven a million times over: the electronical damping adjustment CDC

Continuous Damping Control is one of SACHS’ most successful products. Since ZF began to develop this continuously adjustable chassis control system for volume production in 1994 – as the first company to do so –, more than 18 million CV CDC dampers have rolled off the belt.

Thought to be an optional system solution for luxury and super-class cars at the time, today, alongside SACHS Continuous Damping Control for passenger cars, there are also bus and truck CDC dampers. Thus, the Continuous Damping Control technology also contributes to the comfort of drivers and passengers in commercial vehicles and protects the payload.

SACHS Continuous Damping Control for trucks

The intelligent CDC dampers functional principle

The Continuous Damping Control's operating principle is as intelligent as it is convincing. The design of CDC incorporates an electronically controlled proportional damping valve. During the trip, sensors monitor all influences, such as road condition, current payload or driver actions and report the behavior of the spring elements to the on-board electronics. Thanks to the CDC dampers’ configuration, the control software analyzes the driving situation and calculates the damping force ideal for the present situation within milliseconds. The proportional valve controls the flow of oil inside the damper so that the damping force is is adjusted to firm or comfortably soft. In this way the electronic damping system of Continuous Damping Control ensures optimal comfort and constant safety.

Dampers for trucks

Cost-effective operation: SACHS dampers for commercial vehicles.

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SACHS dampers for commercial vehicles

Dampers for buses

Perfect road contact: SACHS dampers for buses.

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