When it comes to complementary products for LCV, SACHS offers a wide range of spare parts for a large variety of vehicle types. Reliability, efficiency and safety are top requirements above all for commercial vehicles. SACHS complementary products for LCV fit the bill with high quality and long service life.

Suspension springs for LCV

Together with the dampers, SACHS suspension springs for LCV provide perfect road grip, safe roadholding and optimum driving comfort, even on poor roads and with high loads. That ensures reliable transmission of driving forces, braking forces and lateral forces.

The SACHS range includes suspension springs for every requirement, covering a large part of the international LCV market.

SACHS suspension springs for light commercial vehicles

Service kits for LCV

Service kits are also part of the light commercial vehicle complementary product range. They consist of compression stops or auxiliary springs and bellows or protective tubes. Their functions are as varied as they are important:

  • Reducing vibrations along with the dampers and suspension springs
  • Protecting dampers and suspension springs against overload
  • Protecting the dampers' piston rod from salt residue, water, dust and dirt

Like all automotive complementary products from the SACHS brand, service kits for LCV are made of high quality materials. They contribute considerably to the durability of the dampers.

SACHS service kits for light commercial vehicles

Suspension strut mounts for LCV

SACHS suspension strut mounts for light commercial vehicles decouple parasitic oscillation and dampen vibrations and wheel noise. They also improve steering and road contact. The combined effect is high comfort and low fuel consumption.

As wheel suspension components, suspension struts for LCV are subject to extreme environmental conditions, e.g. vibrations, splash water and road salt. That makes them typical wear parts with a correspondingly short service life. Like all complementary products, they should be regularly inspected, because defects can not only cause increased noise, but also longer stopping distances or impaired wheel guidance. Depending on the vehicle and operating range, they usually need to be replaced after 75,000 to 100,000 kilometers. Whenever a damper is replaced, it makes sense to replace the suspension-strut mount as well.

SACHS suspension-strut mounts for light commercial vehicles

FAQs about complementary products

Damage evaluation – How can I detect defective complementary products for LCV?

The visual inspection provides information about the components' condition.

Verbrauchtes Service-Kit (links) und neues Service-Kit (rechts)

Defective suspension-strut mounts lead to problems ranging from loss of precise wheel guidance, insufficient road contact and imprecise steering behavior to longer stopping distances, noise generation and vibrations.

Defective service kits lead to premature wear in shocks or dampers. Piston rod damage results in leakage of the shock or damper. What is more, defective service kits overload the suspension spring, causing faster wear of the suspension-strut mounts.

Defective suspension springs result in poor tracking stability. It becomes difficult to control the vehicle. Parts that break off the suspension springs can damage the tires. Moreover, defective suspension springs can lead to varying vehicle levels on one axle. Lastly, noises may occur during spring compression.