Intelligent high-tech fan clutches or viscous clutches from SACHS reduce the fan speed by switching the fan on or off in the vehicle depending on the current cooling requirements. Like that, SACHS car fan clutches or LCV fan clutches reduce disturbing noise and help to save fuel.

Fan clutch for passenger cars

With a low engine load, the head wind often suffices to dissipate the waste heat from radiator and engine. Therefore, a low fan speed or even zero fan speed is sufficient for cooling.

With rising temperature in the engine compartment and with decreasing speed, there is an increasing risk of overheating and heat accumulation in the engine or vehicle. This is the case when driving up hills, for example, or in stop-and-go traffic. This is when the SACHS fan clutch for passenger cars is activated, thereby allowing sufficient air to flow through the radiator. This engine cooling system is fast and effective.

For more than 30 years, SACHS has been providing intelligent car fan clutches and LCV fan clutches for nearly every vehicle model. Due to their high quality and durability, service-oriented workshops choose fan clutches from SACHS when replacing a fan clutch.

SACHS fan clutch for passenger cars

How does a SACHS fan clutch work?

Fan clutches are located in the vehicle directly behind the radiator. Like that, they can check the current cooling requirements and draw in additional air through the radiator if necessary.

The center of the SACHS viscous clutch for passenger cars consists of light-alloy multidiscs, which generate the largest possible surface area. There is a bimetallic spring on this surface. If the radiator becomes too hot, this surface heats up, including the spring. The bimetallic spring opens a valve, ensuring that viscous liquid is pumped into the working chamber. This makes it possible to adjust the speed of the fan or the fan impeller as required. If the radiator temperature drops again, the bimetallic spring closes the valve, ensuring that the viscous liquid is pumped out of the working chamber and that the fan or the fan impeller is reduced to the speed required for the temperature.

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