SACHS supplies a comprehensive range of spares for the agriculture sector and the farming industry, such as clutches for agricultural machinery. They are of extremely high quality and have been tried and tested over and over again in combine harvesters and tractors that are used on a daily basis. SACHS also supplies reliable, durable high-quality fan clutches and torsional dampers.

Tractor clutch

Day after day, products for agricultural machinery are really put through their paces. Combine harvester and tractor clutches work especially hard to move not only the vehicle but also its attachments. The modern driveline technology of SACHS clutches for agricultural machinery meets these tough demands resiliently, reliably and cost-effectively. What’s more, they have an impressively long service life.

SACHS tractor clutch

Torsional dampers for tractors

On drivelines without a separating clutch and launch clutch, SACHS torsional dampers for tractors are configured as shock absorbers behind the engine. They prevent engine torque peaks as well as uneven running of the driveline or of attached implements. On tractors with powershift transmission or hydrostatic drive, this makes for not only a far more comfortable ride but also much less wear on the driveline components.

The standard solution for decoupling torsional vibrations in drivelines is a screw-on torsional damper based on the technology of a torsion-damped clutch disk.

SACHS torsional damper for agricultural machinery

Fan clutch for agricultural machinery

SACHS fan clutches for agricultural machinery reduce noise emissions thanks to demand-based cooling, and also help to reduce fuel consumption. They power the engine fan according to cooling requirements. With a low engine load, the head wind is often enough to dissipate the waste heat from radiator and engine. In this case, a low or even zero fan speed is sufficient. Once the temperature in the engine compartment rises and the vehicle speed decreases - e.g. on uphill gradients or in stop-and-go traffic - there is a risk of the engine overheating due to heat accumulation. At this point the fan clutch is activated and the fan ensures adequate air flow through the radiator. SACHS fan clutches for agricultural machinery perform these functions via an electromagnetic control unit (speed modulation).

Driver’s cabin dampers

SACHS driver’s cabin dampers minimize stress on the driver, providing comfort and safety.

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SACHS teaser image of agricultural driver’s cabin damper

Clutches for commercial vehicles

State-of-the-art technology for maximum reliability: SACHS clutches for commercial vehicles.

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SACHS XTend clutch