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Narrow vineyards, the hard surface of a military training area and fast asphalt sections. Rallies like the ADAC Rallye Germany pose a challenge for for the vehicles as well as the teams and drivers. To ensure that the vehicles have the best possible grip, special shock absorbers are necessary. We have taken a closer look at them.

It's a matter of the right setting

Due to the different conditions on the track, ranging from sand to asphalt to snow to gravel, it is tremendously important that shock absorbers for rally racing vehicles are developed according to specific customer requirements and can be adjusted individually. They have three or four adjustments, depending on performance. Optionally, customers can choose shock absorbers with adjustable hydraulic compression stops.

The settings for asphalt, for example, are harder. This leads to better stability and improved balance. As different track conditions are to be expected in the special stages, a compromise of sorts must always be found for the vehicle settings.


Conventional shock absorbers are equipped with rubber-metal bearings for better sound insulation. In contrast, spherical plain bearings that are free of clearance are installed in rally racing shock absorbers. These bearings are made of special materials such as ceramics. This allows drivers to handle their vehicles more accurately and gives them better feedback. In addition, the shock absorber can dampen vibrations and impact more precisely. In order to meet the extreme conditions, frictionoptimized coatings and seals are used. These guarantee that drivers have full control over their vehicle. In extreme situations, shock absorber velocity can reach up to 6 m/sec.

Depending on the design, rally racing shock absorbers weigh between 2,800 g and 6,200 g. The shock absorbers deliver optimal performance, whether in the freezing cold of Sweden or in the extreme heat of tropical areas.

In order to guarantee maximum reliability, absolute precision is required during manufacturing and development. The shock absorbers can withstand a transversal force of up to ten tons.

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From rally racing to the road

Our customers also profit from this rally racing expertise: For this reason, we offer SACHS Performance shock absorbers for a variety of vehicle applications.

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SACHS Performance shock absorbers