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New workshop tip: "Bleeding the hydraulic clutch actuation system"

Hydraulic clutch actuation systems need to be free from trapped air. Learn how to prevent malfunctions by bleeding it correctly.

SACHS Shock Absorbers for Rally Racing

Rallies pose a challenge for for the vehicles as well as the teams and drivers. To ensure that the vehicles have the best possible grip, special shock absorbers are necessary. We have taken a closer look at them.

New SACHS catalogs online

Get the current SACHS catalogs with everything about torque converters, suspension springs as well as clutches and clutch actuations. The new editions of our comprehensive, multi-language catalogs are now available.

The SACHS formula 1 carbon clutch

Formula 1 engines produce nearly 1,000 hp and accelerate vehicles from 0 to 100 km/h in around two seconds. What is required is a specially developed high-performance clutch to transmit this power to the transmission.

ZF [pro] Points: the ZF bonus program for independent workshops

Turn your points into amazing rewards whenever you purchase a product across all ZF brands – including SACHS.