In Germany we say, “Take pride in your craft. Give meticulous care and attention to all you do. Strive for perfection”. At LEMFÖRDER, we admit, it’s a bit of an obsession. But it’s a healthy one, because it means that no steering and chassis brand strives harder for perfection than we do.

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See how our pride in precision runs through everything we do.

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LEMFÖRDER ball joints are harder, smaller, lighter, stronger and safer. They ensure greater agility, enhanced stability and more strength, making the vehicle safer and more durable through optimal elasticity and lower friction torques.

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LEMFÖRDER's precision control arms are precisely tailored to the individual requirements of each vehicle, and our lightweight parts are up to 23 percent lighter than conventional control arms. This results in lower unsprung masses, which in turn cause the vehicle to respond better.

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LEMFÖRDER control arms provide perfect wheel guidance to increase driving safety, thanks to precisely adjusted ball joints and link mounts.

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LEMFÖRDER's high-quality tie rods offer precise steering and handling characteristics as well as reduced tyre wear.

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We deliver premium quality through excellence in engineering, but that’s only part of the story. Our pioneering brand started working in partnership with original equipment manufacturers over 70 years ago. As an OE supplier to the automotive industry for decades, we’ve developed products that are perfectly suited to the overall vehicle system. And today, the pioneering processes we use to manufacture our parts bring performance and safety to vehicles across the world.

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We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure our parts are engineered to perfection. Because we work with OEMs, we must ensure that every part passes their tests and meet OEM requirements, which means the independent aftermarket gets the best possible parts from LEMFÖRDER. But we don't just meet standards – we set new ones of our own.

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With LEMFÖRDER you can access parts for the entire driving chassis from one source. Our development and testing processes ensure precision not only in the manufacturing of each individual part but also in how they work together, considering all relevant forces and influences. Because our development and production competency covers the whole car chassis we can ensure that every part works in perfect harmony. A vehicle fitted with LEMFÖRDER parts throughout the whole front and rear axle will respond as it should and as it must – that is, safer and more dynamically than it would if it was fitted with replica parts.

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LEMFÖRDER parts ensure optimal contact with the road, blending driving dynamics, safety and comfort into one. The quality of our parts means that driving, braking and lateral forces are hardly felt at the steering wheel. Our unique tempering process extends the service life of the joints. It also ensures that the cars are bedded-in right from the start, giving drivers road-ready control from day one.

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