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Gabriel has been synonymous with quality shock absorbers for more than one hundred years; having designed and manufactured one of the world’s first shock absorbers back in 1907.
Gabriel retains its market leading position today by manufacturing Original Equipment quality gas and hydraulic shock absorbers, for both conventional suspension systems and strut type suspensions (commonly known as MacPherson struts) for the global OEM and Aftermarket. Gabriel also supplies complementary strut mounts and protection kits. In addition, Gabriel provides a full program of solutions for specialised applications for: military vehicles, rail-bound transport, bridges with suspension, etc.
Employing the very latest technologies, the whole range carries and utilises highly advanced bi-tube design.

Our Products

Shock absorbers

Gabriel’s PRO-ONE aftermarket shock absorber range for Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Commercial Vehicles mirrors OE in every way. With just 1200 part numbers, Gabriel PRO-ONE covers 90% of the European car parc (44,550 applications).


  • Full in-house production and assembly of all major components
  • The seal is permanently lubricated to reduce friction
  • Oversized compression valves and strong valve retainers, making them less susceptible to damage under extreme conditions
  • Full fitting instructions and basic accessories included
  • Part number: CAT-LVGAB-11

Mounting struts

Strut mounts play a vital role in: handling, alignment, braking and steering. The mount attaches the suspension strut to the vehicle; one side is fastened to the vehicle, the other to the strut. In the middle is insulating rubber. As the vehicle moves, the up and down impact pushes and pulls at the mount. The mount cushions impact, to reduce the vibration and noise that would otherwise transmit to the vehicle.

Why choose Gabriel strut mounts?

  • Manufactured to OEM specification
  • Excellent rubber durability and elasticity

Protection kits

Gabriel protection kits protect the shock absorber piston rod from projections of dust or water. Easy to fit, the protection kit consists of a dust cover and a rubber shield. The cover protects the sealing and the piston rod. Any damage to, or corrosion on the piston rod will shorten the life expectancy of the shock absorber.


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