Transmilenio S.A.


Carrying in the region of 701 million passengers annually, Transmilenio is the bus rapid transport (BRT) system in Bogota, Colombia. The requirement: a smart, future-facing connectivity solution to enhance their fleet, improve services and satisfy passengers.


For a start, Transmilenio had no live vehicle data collection as well as no alerts and / or events available for the regulator. Added to which, data was not backed up locally in the vehicle itself and the operator had no fleet management data.

The ZF Bus Connect solution

Thanks to partnering with ZF Bus Connect, all challenges were resolved successfully, including the introduction of a single connectivity gateway in each vehicle and transparent data interpretation via alerts and events.

Now, data could be stored locally in each bus, shared with the regulator and fleet operator via Google cloud. The result: the ability to monitor, improve and protect a fleet of over 450 vehicles. True fleet evolution through real time management.