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Expertise and experience

ZF Aftermarket has everything you need for your commercial vehicle drive:

Whether new or exchange units, clutches, components, genuine transmission spare parts or repair kits – we have the right solution to every problem.

ZF Aftermarket

Discover ZF Aftermarket leading OE quality products for commercial vehicle drive.


Truck maintenance involves many challenges – but with WABCO’s automated manual transmission (AMT) solutions, gearbox actuator repair does not have to be one of them.



High quality worldwide

ZF Aftermarket delivers complete front and rear truck axle systems including wheel suspensions, suspensions, dampers and brakes to vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

ZF Aftermarket supplies compatible genuine spare parts for truck and bus axle repair and maintenance.



Greater power transmission efficiency

ZF Aftermarket supplies OE quality clutches and clutch components designed for greater cost-effectiveness of CV clutch replacement or repair and added driver comfort.


Whether ConAct, dual-mass flywheel or XTend: ZF Aftermarket is a global market leader for truck and bus clutches in the spare parts business.


WABCO has clutch control components in its range, both hydraulic clutch control components from master cylinder to clutch actuator for manual transmission with pneumatic air assistance.

Shock absorbers and Dampers

Shock absorber

Comfortable and safe

ZF Aftermarket supplies a full range of parts for a vibration-free drive, including dampers, suspension struts and suspension-strut inserts for virtually any model of commercial vehicle.

Our high-quality bus and truck shock absorbers keep workshops and customers on terra firma.


Discover SACHS shock absorbers for trucks and buses to maintain a drive with high performance and stability.

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Find the product that suits you and learn more about the high quality TRW products.


Discover our range of Conventional Air Suspension Control as well as OptiRide™ Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS).


WABCO Suspension

High performance and improved efficiency

The ZF Aftermarket range of suspension parts enables you to supply customers with high quality products and much more for commercial vehicles. We promise to provide excellent, high strength performance as well as improved efficiency to all commercial vehicles.

Every product is produced to match the stringent original equipment (OE) specifications. With our Independent Aftermarket range, you can fit a selection of truck, trailer and bus suspension parts to produce industry-leading performances.

Air Management

WABCO Electronic Air Processing Unit with cartridge

Air Management System

WABCO offers a wide range of components for the Air Management System. As one of the leaders in the production of these solutions, we offer advanced automotive parts for Air Supply an Processing, including compressors, air processing units and cartridges. In addition, Air Storage components are offered.

Steering and chassis parts

Steering Levers

Powerful steering systems

ZF Aftermarket truck and bus steering and suspension parts and systems are safety-relevant components of outstanding quality which are subject to special diligence during design, production and assembly. After all, they have to provide optimum safety in any driving situation.


Steering and suspension parts for trucks and buses by LEMFÖRDER are high quality replacement components for your vehicle. Find out more and discover the LEMFÖRDER portfolio at a glance.

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TRW provides the steering and suspension parts that fit your needs. Learn more about the TRW product portfolio and the optimal products for your request.


Brake Disc

Easily, reliably and safely

Commercial vehicle brakes from ZF Aftermarket are just the kind of top-class products you expect from a market-leading original equipment manufacturer with years of experience.

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Our bus and truck brake parts are cutting-edge, subject to high quality standards and demanding high-speed freeway tests.


WABCO is one of the global market leaders and supplier of Air Braking Systems and braking system components.

Additionally, WABCO is offering Wheel Brake components for more than 20 years of engineering and manufacturing experience.

Tools, equipment and liquids

WABCO Tools and Liquids

Special support by WABCO

Every car part sometimes needs special support. Discover our WABCO tools, cleaning parts and chemical fluids.

Bus system

WABCO City Bus

Solutions for buses

WABCO offers products specifically developed for bus applications. Find out more about our climate and door control solutions.

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