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October 25, 2022
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What to consider when replacing CDC dampers

Electronic damper control (EDC) makes the chassis sportier, safer and more responsive to the road conditions. Such adaptive dampers are being installed in more and more vehicles, and the Independent Aftermarket can also participate – The SACHS Continuous Damping Control range now includes twice as many parts. So the question of what needs to be considered when replacing CDC dampers will sooner or later be asked in every passenger car workshop. For that reason I accompanied my colleague Mathias to the workshop and we carried out the replacement procedure on a BMW M3.

It goes without saying that a replacement is necessary in the event of damage: stronger body movements and loss of contact between the tires and the road lead to longer braking distances and unsafe driving behavior. In addition to the classic cases of wear and tear as well as mechanical defects, error messages indicating electrical or electronic defects can be caused by marten bites, sensor damage and such.

In our new video you can find out what needs to be considered when replacing the damper and in which cases an exchange can be avoided.

Would you like to learn more about CDC dampers? Take a look at the SACHS product page.

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