Philipp and Mathias presenting CDC dampers

Replacing CDC Dampers

Philipp and Mathias presenting some special handling features for dampers with CDC.

Philipp and Mathias with used and new air springs

Replacing air springs

Philipp and Mathias show how to replace air springs in a passenger car.

Philipp with rescue card on electric prototype

The rescue card

Philipp shows how a piece of paper can save your life in the event of an accident.

Florian Freund introduces ZF Bus Connect

Digital fleet management

Whether it's a large, small or mixed fleet: ZF Bus Connect makes digitization possible. ZF expert Florian explains to us how.

Friction demonstrated with gear shifting elements

Shifting elements

By raising the pressure, Philipp shows the functioning of shifting elements within the gearbox.

Hydraulic impulse storage

Hydraulic Impulse Storage

Philipp explains how the hydraulic impulse storage gives you a rocket start at every traffic light.

SACHS drifting on snow


#inbrief: The Technical Team explains the advantages of SACHS CDC compared to conventional dampers.

Philipp presents a ZF LifeguardFluid bottle

Additives in transmission oils

What can additives do in oil, and how do you ensure the best effectiveness? Philipp explains it in this video.

Dual Mass Flywheel

The Dual Mass Flywheel

Learn from Philipp what the DMF is responsible for and what it can do!

Key Visual hv sytsems 2

High-voltage systems in vehicles - Part 2

Read the second part of our series about the comparison between the different high-voltage systems in vehicles.

Philipp checking rear axle steering

Fast but safe: thanks to rear axle steering

Why is rear axle steering so important for our driving pleasure? Our expert Philipp explains it in his new video.


Joachim Waagaard trusts in the SACHS clutch for HCV

In our new Expert Blog Video we show you why Joachim Waagaard relies on the SACHS clutch for HCV.

Joachim Waagaard presenting pc clutch

Joachim Waagaard presents the SACHS clutch

In our new video Joachim Waagaard explains the advantages of the SACHS clutch and the practical assembly kit.

Philipp checking rear axle steering

Transmission oil check: the basics

What is the best way to assess the condition of the transmission oil and what does it indicate? Our expert Philipp shows you.

Article by Joachim Waagaard

Why Joachim Waagaard uses SACHS shock absorbers

Join professional drift driver Joachim Waagaard when he checks his shock absorbers in the workshop.

Key Visual 8p

8-Speed Plug-In Hybrid Transmissions

What does it actually look like in a hybrid gearbox? Philipp shows you in a new video.

Key Visual epb function

Electric park brake (EPB)

How do the individual components work together and which technological solutions become possible thanks to the electric park brake? Our ZF Aftermarket expert Philipp will take a closer look.

Mobility for a clean environment

Electromobility: How to distinguish the different systems

The difference between HEV, MHEV, PHEV? Our ZF expert Florian explains how to distinguish the high-voltage systems.

New Automotive Customer

New Automotive Customer

Learn all about an emerging generation in the automotive industry.

HV workshop equipment

Workshop Equipment

ZF expert Philipp lists the essential equipment for working with high-voltage vehicles in your workshop.

Working with arc protection visor

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety first – take no risks when working with high-voltage vehicles!

changing transmission oil

The Right Oil

#zfexpert Philipp tells about the magic of transmission oil additives.

Working on an inverter

The Inverter

How does an inverter work after all? #zfexpert Florian explains the central interface between high-voltage battery and the electric machine.

HV warning sing

Safety First!

Philipp gives you five important safety rules for working with high-voltage vehicles.

working under tension

Becoming a ZF High-Voltage Expert

Which qualification levels are there, and how can you achieve them?


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