The TRW easycheck TPMS function can used to re-programme the valves in direct TPMS systems. Valves would have to be programmed if either they were replaced or if the wheels had been rotated on the car to even out wear. Each valve is programmed according to its position on the car.

  • To re-programme a valve, select the TPMS function followed by the make and model of vehicle. Select the programming valves and switch on the ignition. The TRW easycheck machine will ask you to raise the air pressure in all four wheels to 3.7 bar and then to wait for one minute.
  • Then using the TPMS valve activator tool (YTD750) program each valve in the sequence according to the message on the TRW easycheck display.
  • You will then get a message that all the valves have been programmed at which point you can then return the tyres to the correct air pressure according to the vehicle specification.


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